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Opening the Heart


ADAM:  During the session, I stopped being afraid for my family, for securing them with welfare and everything they need. The fear had gone. I stopped being afraid that I'm too weak to provide security.

MARTHA: Luna is a wise advisor. She leads people wisely, psychologically and at the same time outside the "obligatory" thought barriers. She is a teacher who thinks unconventionally and is able to guide people in their search for solutions. She hits the spot. She presents a different side of spirituality, different from the general developmental way. Does not try to be correct and good. Her spirituality is strong, concrete. Very rational and hitting the core. She is a person who knows very well what she is doing, consciously serving others - she consciously has power over herself. Thank you, working with her was an extraordinary experience!

ADAM: Luna, you're as you are, you're who you are, and that's why working with you is an amazing experience. Because you are real to pain. In an incredibly courageus and fascinating way you show yourself in all your colors,  in your power and in your weaknesses. We are surprised that you do not make an ideal of yourself, and yet you are still a spiritual master. You give power and courage and carry light in what you do. You drag people up, being on top you drag others to yourself, to their own tops. You teach them to recognize their abilities, not to fix themselves. I have a lot of respect for what you are and for how you work. You are not afraid to enter the deepest darkness and you help to move there safely. And you don't settle your own privacy at the expense of sessions and people.

In Tantra, the Heart is your personal center of feeling and courage in every action in life. It is open and hot and is the home of your love, your Kundalini and your soul. When it is open and ready, it’s the gateway to Your Human - Divine Power. When it’s tight and fearful, it weigh in your breast and hurts, cries and suffers.

Opening the Heart is my AUTHORIC METHOD developed during years of my personal tantric practice and professional work with people, body and shadow. It frees the Heart from inner impotence, fear, closure and inhibition. It opens it to love, power and courageous support of your sexual energy and causative power. It gives you the conscious power to love yourself and helps you stand firm in mature, full love. It allows you to love, dance and fly.

Opening the Heart is an INDIVIDUAL INTUITIVE HEALTH PROCESS and part of an overall, specialized tantric whole-body massage ceremony that I lead with deep sensibility, empathy and with your consent. It consists of massaging, pressing and hitting the chest area in a specific way to stimulate the heart to work evenly, strongly on a physical level. On a psycho-emotional level it help you to meet what you consciously and unconsciously carry in your Heart, hidden and squeezed for years.


- listening to the heart in sensitivity
- consciously accepting the wisdom of the heart
-  receiving and forgiving
- deepening the feeling of love through the heart
- transforming by the heart all of your experiences
- deeply working with the subconscious
- releasing the heartbreaking emotions
- blocking pain and fear releasing
- reviving the heart with sacred sexual energy
- heart healing with sacred sexual energy


During the session you will be in deep and conscious contact with me. We will be in this together. I will support you psychologically and emotionally. I will lead your whole process in such a way as to strengthen your sense of care and security in what you are experiencing. You will allow yourself to see, understand and let go of everything that you carry in your heart and that you release, and I will help you with that. I will guide and support you. I will guide you so you can see what's deep inside, so you can understand, solve and release what blocks you and hurts as quickly as possible.

To make the effect as deep as possible, I will guide you into a mental and emotional presence throughout the experience. You will participate consciously and actively in your healing. In deep contact with yourself and in your emotional presence you will be in contact with what I will release from your body by doing the massage. During the session you will talk to me what you feel, what you "see" from your hert, what emotions / tensions are released, because this will help you to integrate and release them faster. I will give you the opportunity to express your feelings in different ways you need: with words, curses, laughter, crying, screaming, calm telling and open contact with your deep self. In confidence to Yourself, to your body and to my warm, good presence.

After calming your emotions and putting your mind at ease, there will be time for your decision  on how to proceed. In harmony with yourself, you can choose e.g. :

- continuing a deep, soothing, tantric body massage
- talking about what happened
- staying in silence and gaining inner strength
- to search with me for solutions if situations require change, new approach, new solutions or action.

It may also be that I will offer you further necessary practices to let through the body everything that has happened to you in Mapping and fill these experiences with intentional sexual energy.

Duration: 3 hours
Price: 800 PLN