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Massages for Women



Ola: I was yesterday in a massage at Luna place - and I am impressed by the delicacy, sensitivity and power of her touch. First I was touched and opened by spiritual ceremony of divine sexuality and then I flew off in cosmic bliss, being caressed  by feathers, silks, pearls and then by hands and hot oil ... The whole body has got the  healing caress and touch ...... The beautiful celebration of the first day of spring ..  Thanks Luna :)) And for  you - I recommend it!

Set off on an extraordinary journey of awakening the senses  trapped in a daily routine and of experiencing the body from full, spiritual perspective. In tantric philosophy, every woman symbolizes and personifies Shakti – the Source of Creation Power, Anima, Female Essence and the Goddess, the total perfection , woman’s beauty and strength of corporality. And so, you as each Goddess deserves the highest adoration and worship, so in my Temple I open and worship the divinity of those, who want to feel and experience this hidden part of themselves. Each of my massages is full of love and warmth’ honoring the senses, the body and the soul, the heart and the sexual energy, and a combination of all these divine qualities into the unity and the conscious fulfillment. And when you desire to enter more deeply into this feeling I propose an unusual Ritual of Greeting and Honoring the Goddess. It is a beautiful, ancient temple initiation of connecting sexual energy to your whole body,which I invite each of my Goddess in my Temple.

Each massage is preceded by a greeting, short energy cleansing, the harmonization of chakras, the learning of relaxation and tantric breath, in order to accept gifts of massage to the fullest.


RITUAL OF THE EARTH: Sensual and blissful fulfillment in candle surrounding and in the power of creative energy, when the body melts in warm oil and in the touch of hands plunged in love of the body. A closeness full of the warmth, the confidence, the care and the peace will wrap you up. The everyday life will disappear in massage of the the face 
and the smell of aromatic essences. In intimate massage you will experience the fulfillment, opening the energy in the body and the feeling of full internal unity with the own sexuality and surrounding world.

The Ceremony may includes:

Duration :
2 h 
Price: PLN 450
3h Price 600PLN

RITUAL OF THE FIRE: set off on the travel into your interior and immerse yourself in experiencing of primeval energy flowing through the body. In traditional Tantric Kundalini massage (massage of the sacred, energy points of Sacrum) you will experience the energy flowing and deep joy in the creative power of energy and magic. You will open to the energy level of feeling and receiving the sexual energy, to the unknown level of enjoyment and a new look at yourself. This ceremony will wake up and open your sexual awareness  and you will feel like you came back to your dream home.

The Ceremony may includes:

Duration: 3 h
Price: PLN 700

RITUAL OF THE WATER: I invite you to a beautiful ceremony - a mystical dive into the woman’s body, into the woman’s womb, into the beauty, tenderness, the gentleness and the softness, into the blossoming as the most beautiful fragrant flower. Into experiencing and getting to know of yourself and your greatest miracle and a gift - Yoni. This massage is a space of the openness for expressing entire of yourself and for free following behind the deep needs, behind the heart, the body and the feminine soul.

The Ceremony may includes:

Duration: 3h
Price: PLN 700


TANDAVA RITUAL: Come to the Temple and meet your true self in a deeply meditative, oil-based intuitive massage, called Energy Dance. This massage is an Energy Improvisation. I will create your, personalised massage based of what "says" your body. The massage will be very much in harmony with your energy, will be fine-tuning to you and co-sentience. Full concentration and listening to the body. The ceremony will lead you into unconditional coherence, openness and trust, letting go of expectations and of control.

This is the only tantric massage that has no specific structure. I do not know what to do during the ceremony and I do not know what will happen. The ritual is different each time and it is impossible to predict or plan it.

Ceremony CAN include or NOT include:

- Ritual of Greeting and Honoring the Divine
- A combination of Tantric Temple oil Massages
- A combination of Temple Intimate / Anal Massages
- Creating an intuitive massage based on the principles of tantric energy work
- Egyptian massages
- Full touch massages, massages with the body
- Tantric Energy Massages
- Elements of silence, immobility, concentration, prayer, meditation, visualization, conducted meditations, tantric practices, accompanying the body without touching ...
- A calm and warm balancing of sexual energy in the body

Duration: 3 hours
Price: 800 PLN


RITUAL OF THE KASHMIRI MASSAGE: Tantric temple and unusual Celebration of the Women’s Excellence. Ceremony of the Sexual Goddess will unite all your senses and levels of existence. During the ritual, you will feel the touch of star space under the eyelids, softness of breath in hair and fullness of energy power in the body. You will experience an extraordinary internal love and fulfillment spreading through whole body, the senses, emotions and depth of existence. This ceremony will wake up and open your sexual awareness and will create a body flowing with milk and honey .
Ceremony of Kashmiri Massage is designed for those women who are practicing tantra or have experience in receiving tantric massage . Due to non-standard and other than in the traditional massages’ positions during the session, the intimate nature of the tenderness, touch and the closeness of bodies at massage, I propose it to my regular clients as well as to the ones of you, who work with their sexual energy and want to deepen learning about tantric practices.

Duration : 3 h
Price: PLN 800