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Sexual Healing


SEXUAL ENERGY: Everyone in the world is a living, vibrating and pulsating sexual energy. We were born thanks to her and we exist thanks to her power. We are a sexuality in every moment of life and it is worth to realize and feel it. In every moment, in every breath and in the whole body we are filled up with sex, as the entire life on earth. It is a power which nourishes us, heals, revives and supports all of our activities on the physical, mental and spiritual level. It is our essence, the greatest power in us and individual full potential of which we should take care to know him and develop.
In the tantric understanding of a sex and a sexual energy, it’s not only a traditionally comprehended excitement, desire, erotic and procreative actions, or fast and shy relieving of tensions, but it’s also the energy which supports and enhances our feeling and experiencing of many daily pleasures. We are sexually open and alive whenever we experience inspiration, in everyday sensuality, in finding joy and constant aspiration to deepen these experiences. Remind yourself how many times you were seized by almost erotic ecstasy triggered with the touch of beautiful objects and clothes, with the taste of the wonderful food, with a breeze of wind and rays of sunshine, with the delight for the excellence and the beauty of the nature, with the ride in the dream car, professional achievements, or wrapping in the duvet before sleeping. Remember the thrill of pleasure, bliss, ecstasy and beauty of these moments. This is the sexual energy through which we experience life on the full sensory level, we deepen these experiences and consciously cultivate them. It is also the energy that we can consciously wake up, raise through the whole body and transform into the spiritual energy which supports every sphere of our life and us in general.
We work on healing sessions with this way understood, sexual energy. We awake this energy, we distribute it throughout the whole body and we support with it all the processes and emotions, with which we work.

KUNDALINI: Kundalini is our internal, life’s and bringing to life’ energy, the personal power and individual creative power. It is responsible for our health, the artistic work, talents, the development, the intelligence and physical and intellectual fitness. This lunar, primary force is called the fiery serpent spiritual power and divine force within us. It is focused at the base of the spine and it rests " coiled" and dormant like a snake. In fact, it is the active power and the energy, which at any moment penetrates and animates the entire our physical and energetic body and thus affects our psychophysical condition and  reflects it. Being in the life’s, emotional or physical indisposition, we have reduced vibration energy and dormant Kundalini - that's why we can not get back to health, joy, and recover the vitality without activating this energy in us. When awakened and erected, it transforms us on an emotional, physical, spiritual level and eliminates everything, what negative. It shows and then destroys all blockades, restrictions, enslavements and destructive patterns inscribed  down deep in our bodies and our subconscious. Appropriately touched, stimulated and directed, it restores us the power of life and vital forces, it supports the self-healing process of the whole organism, opens awareness and leads to self-discovery and the Enlightenment.