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After my massages, sessions and meetings I receive a lot of warm words, wonderful opinions and thanks. Some people want to share their experiences and feelings in a wider circle, and send me references in writing. These opinions I share with You in a themes MASSAGES, BODY RITUALS and SHADOW TANTRA, SEXUAL HEALING and CEREMONIES OF LOVE:

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Patryk:    I can not find words to describe what I’ve experienced. I feel huge respect and gratitude to Luna.

Andrew:    No words can convey what I felt during the Ceremony of Fire. I am very impressed by the massage, the intuition, professionalism and skills of Luna. She really knows  what she does. She knows what she is doing and runs it in a very conscious way.

Stefan:    I've been to many tantric massages worldwide. Nobody never this way prepared me, didn't massage, didn't lead during massage and didn't teach, like Luna did. And nowhere I did not feel like at her. Great respect and the mastery!

Kuba:  Tantra teacher by vocation, education and by the heart. Good luck!

Dawid:   This is true, genuine Lingam MASSAGE!

Leszek:     If you need Tantric Massage,  do it only with Luna. I have had it for a year , regularly every month and every time I find the same fullness and Her presence. An extraordinary experience that allows you to live and develop yourself. It's a woman who loves her job. She loves to massage and you can feel it in her touch and throughout the massage. She does not do it - she is the massage. To compare and also because of lack of space at Luna, I was in other "temples". I will not go there any further, because the difference  in quality, approach and knowledge is colossal. I gained only the knowledge that whatever is happening, I will be waiting for a space in Luna place. For her greetings and preparation before the massage. For her conscious and wise presence. Thank you.

Alla Kether:     It was a massage - the initiation at Master of Tantra, not "Western tantra". Luna is a Goddess who, having the Force, with her life serves the others in everything she does. Thank you with all my heart.

Aldona:    I loved myself and my body. Finally, after 40 years of life in a void. I'm starting a new life.

Maciek:     An amazing experience because I relaxed as if I was on a two-week holidays. Shock, gratitude, joy!

Ala:     Sensational massage! I do not want to leave!

Maria and Jan:     Mistress who can lead people, Bodhisattva. There are only several such people in the world.

Jadwiga: No one has ever touched me like that! Never in my life was anyone so sensitive to me. I felt beautiful, clean, good. All my body was clean, good and beautiful. All of me felt like that and everything that happened in my life has become peaceful and accepted. I felt taken care of and cuddled. Every part of me felt loved, needed and noticed for the first time in my life. No one has ever touched me with such care and attention. Luna said that I was beloved and  I felt like that. Finally beloved and hugged. And freed. It was very, very good. Thank you.

Mariusz:  Luna, thank you! Your Touch of the Goddess  Massage is unearthly! Massage with the roses overpasses any imagination! I have found peace of mind, a deep sense of meaning and love. I felt and I accepted myself. Before, I was like a lot of closed rooms, now I'm like one but big and beautiful , as the most beautiful ballroom. I felt complete and as one, integrated, without having to meet anyone's expectations. I am awake, filled, loved and still feel the energy flowing in the body. This is the true fulfillment! Every man should experience it!

Peter:   This is high quality tantric massage. I know because I have been all over Europe exploring this artform and this was the best moment I have ever had. Luna is caring, educational, sensitive, warm, professional and really knows what she is doing. You will not be disappointed if you book a treatment at the Kala Luna Temple. I hope I will get back to Warsaw soon, cause I wanna learn more from Luna. 

Waldemar:    Luna, you have the gentleness, consciousness, feeling and understanding in yourself. Such experience as yours, is developed for years and you can see and feel it in your approach, touch, running. When you are massaging, the incredible peace and total relaxation is radiating from you. During the massage, I was in your energy and emanation. It was amazing and very powerful experience. Thank you, I have to sort it out in me and then I will come back to the next meeting with myself.

Rafał:    I lack words to describe it! Total groove and relaxation, I’ve never experienced before. No other massage is giving such a feeling, that's it. Such a massage I was looking for!

Piotr:    On tantric massage I was for the first time. I made an appointment by phone and I had a lot of concern as how it will be, whether I'll be able to find myself it and if I will manage to open to accepting and receiving. It was great! I was guided through the whole ceremony, all the time I had the full attention, presence and warmth of Luna. I felt unique and happy as never before. She explained all the doubts, she answered all the questions and I completely gave up to what she learned and what she was doing. I felt calm and fulfilled as if I returned home. I'll be coming back for more.

Leon:    At Luna I was yesterday at the ceremony The Temple of the Earth. I am very positively surprised. From the entry I knew that I had found the right place. I met the woman  warm, sensual, self-conscious and what she does. I was introduced to a beautiful place and the unique atmosphere of the Temple, music, candles and the presence of the energy and the power. It was sensual and subtle, I didn't think that it was possible this way to relax! Massage put me in a completely different dimension of looking at myself and my sexuality. The complete happiness and money well spent. The show worth the price and any praise. Although it is expensively, I gave a high tip and I will come back to give myself into her hands .

Robert:    At Luna I found tantric massage on the highest world level. The championship and the great respect!! I have a comparison because I go to Tantric massages for many years, I was in the various countries of Europe and the world and I explore this knowledge . I recommend it to anyone looking for paradise, a total groove and the bliss of true Tantra. I'll be coming back with joy to this extraordinary woman!

Damian:    I was already more than once at Luna, I go regularly once a month for the Temple of the Earth and each time I feel better! Every time I feel more and deeper. This is the real Tantra and true Tantric Goddess! She has a radiating energy in herself and she passes it during the massage. It can be seen that she has a lot of experience and an approach towards the customer. Massage is wonderful! A wonderful orgasm and flowing energy throughout the whole meeting! The beautiful ambience and decor of the living room, well maintained and everything prepared. Thank you and good luck!!

M45:    I went to Luna for two sessions of healing sexual problems. For five years I was an impotent. She showed me that it’s possible to look at yourself differently, that nothing I must not, that I can be fulfilled without the stress and pressure. She recommended me exercises and practice home. I practiced regularly and I CAN!!!!

Thomas:   I wanted to let you know that it has been a wonderful experience for me to get initiated into Tantra. You have been a understanding and caring teacher and I was fortunate to have you as my teacher. I feel now that I have started this journey and now want to learn more about awakening my inner strength and mastering my sexuality.

Niels:    Best regards and good for your life-giving work

Ola:    I was yesterday in a massage at Luna place - and I am impressed by the delicacy, sensitivity and power of her touch. First I was touched and opened by spiritual ceremony of divine sexuality and then I flew off in cosmic bliss, being caressed  by feathers, silks, pearls and then by hands and hot oil ... The whole body has got the  healing caress and touch ...... The beautiful celebration of the first day of spring ..  Thanks Luna :)) And for  you - I recommend it!

Agata :    After a long thoughts and a few months after getting to know Luna, I finally decided to come to Kala Luna for a massage. I was horrified already a week before booking a visit - what awaits me, what awaits me ... This fear often accompanies me when I stand in the face of something unknown ... Staircase inconspicuous, building too. And at the doorstep, the peace embraced me - the voice of Luna, the music, the smell, the mood of the temple - I knew that I give up into the good, experienced hands. The need for deep relaxation produced an effect of distancing myself from all these stresses with which I am usually fighting every day by stringing all the muscles of my body. Luna talked to me like to the Goddess, talked to my body opening my chakras and telling how these rituals have been used once, and that knowing about them, there is nothing to prevent applying  them today. I won't be writing about entire 2.5 hours experience, because thoughts until now are in a confusion in my head - what happened after seems more important to me - I regained the Power. Thank you!

Karo:    I was on massage today at Luna. Oh ... I do not know if I can find the words to describe what I experienced. The possibility of giving up into the hands of a woman who has dedicated her life to serve others with tantric touch and heal them, it is true favor. Thank you Luna. I recommend the visit to Kala Luna Temple to all tantra men and women as part of tantric personal hygiene. 

Agnieszka:     I just listened to the radio TOK FM about the tantric massage with Luna. A great interview ... a few months ago, together with my partner, my husband, we decided on an individual tantric massage workshop, just with Luna.  I actually did not know what the time planned for a meeting with tantra would look like - a massage workshop, it turned out to be amazing experience! From the first moment of conversation with Luna, I felt that I was in the right place! A safe space, a conscious approach is something that convinced us 100% that this is what we were looking for! Information, knowledge, feelings and experiences have remained with us up to now actually, we use them every day in our life together. Personally, for myself, I felt relief for the first time, in "letting go" of tensions that I had unconsciously in my body, probably all my life. Intimate contact with yourself, getting to know yourself, and opening for yourself completely! Total acceptance! I recommend Luna with full responsibility! He is a very professional person who is passionate about what he practices. She created an incredibly safe atmosphere to surrender to that, to self exist ... to experience! Our relationship with my husband became deeper and more mature than before, more clear and conscious. It's a great feeling! Thank you Luna.

Helena:    Thank you very much once again for yesterday's massage. There are plenty of pleasant impressions and warm memories in me after the massage. In fact, massage became wonderful, divine and heavenly experience after following your instructions to treat myself as a divine being, the goddess and the temple of the spirit and draw from this as much as possible.

Sylvia:    Thanks darling. First of all, I feel beautiful. Somehow, differently I look at my body. I kind of liked it, but now I adore, I see, admire and I am delighted to. I smile. I’ve got some tips from my body during massage. I remember to breathe and put it into practice. Coming back, I felt a special bond with the trees. I looked at their bark, cut down trunks and wondered if we are so much different or not. Yesterday at your place Luna, I felt safely run, touchingly honored. I, Goddess. I could afford so much pleasure to myself and yourself. I could be myself, naked. In the pareo I felt a bit disguised, because I preferred to be myself - just as I was born. Greeted by You the way, you should be welcomed in the world. Now the world is most probably a bit different for me. Thank you.



Klara:    I cried and I loved with my whole being. Tied up, finally I felt safe. For the first time I only felt love, because nothing else was left. A rope and Luna gave me the power to love.

Piotr:     Luna, during your massage , I experienced an extraordinary sensations. I felt that you had total control over my body and all over me, emotionally, mentally and physically. It was a very special experience, because I felt absolutely safe. Absolutely reliable, calm, deeply taken care of. I experienced something like this for the first time in my life and it will remain in my memory for a long time. Thank you!

Magda:     Gorgeous,  wonderful experience! The wax ritual is insane, you can’t describe it! Thank you Luna!

Agnieszka:    When I was tied up, I felt unconditional love. The entire Ropes Ceremony was an extraordinary, emotional experience. I felt very much that I could let go all the things and finally love.

Maciek:    I love to be a submissive to You.

Anita and Marek:    A great workshop! We spent wonderful days playing and learning what exceeded our wildest expectations! Plenty of knowledge, lots of inspiration, techniques of running games that would not have occurred to us two days ago! Wonderfully SEXUAL POWER EXCHANGE, great fun with ROLE PLAY, discovering sexual identities that are inaccessible everyday, and here they are completely real. A huge, totally new look at sexuality, closeness, extraordinary eroticism of mutual breath control and energy exchange ... with whip! We have gained knowledge and specific skills that we will explore for many years. Thank you very much!


Dalia and Emil:    A great workshop. One great tool for tantric, love development. Very beautiful practices of understanding and setting boundaries. Very strong exercises to learn how to trust, entrust yourself to each other, and how responsible is holding sway over another person. This workshop made us realize how far away BDSM and Kink is from violence.



Adam:   It was the exciting cycle (the King of the Sun)! I've never thought in my life I'd feel so much as a man! Luna taught me to understand my sexuality in a new way my - of which I thought I knew everything. She showed how to lead the energy in the body, how to control myself without no effort  and how to prolong the pleasure so that it become fulfillment and totality. She taught me how to experience the feelings inaccessible to most of the men. I felt like never before. Like from the top of the mountain I flew down to limitless ocean of bliss. I found in my body the vastness of experiences.  I stopped being in a hurry. I started to celebrate every moment and every touch. I saw and learned where I go  as a sexual man.  I respected  deeply my sexuality and the sexuality of all my former and future partners.

Jan Marcin D. :    I completed  the King of the Sun cycle. I recommend it to all! It was hard, I had to dig down to my blockades in sexuality, to overcome laziness and comfort. I overcome it, because I wanted to.  I worked out all the practices, I did all the recommended exercises. And I am now a different person. I found sexual awareness in my body, I found purpose and inner meaning of my manhood. I rebuilt contact with my intimacy. I improved my sexual capacities and capabilities and now I calmly look upon myself as a man understanding himself and grateful for his sexuality. Luna was  demanding and patient, full of understanding and consistent. Without her support, I wouldn’t be who I’m now.

Lena:  I was very scared to come to the cycle the Lunar Goddess. I was very  scared how it would go and for almost a year I delayed to decide. In the end, I found  the courage to come. To my great joy, I found myself in a place where I did not want to leave. I found safety and peace. Luna’ Temple charmed me with the warmth and incredible energy. I started my journey into my femininity. Each meeting gave strong and spectacular effects. Unexpectedly, I found out that after every meeting I was shocked  how much it gave and how much I change in the right direction. With each session, with every practice I ensured myself in the fact that I am in the best place for me and in the best hands. My femininity was beloved and understood. I myself was fully respected and safe in this journey deep into myself. With joy and gratitude I ran to every subsequent meeting, thanking that I can come to Luna and work with her. I met myself who I never had known. I met myself who I always had wanted to be and who I had felt that is somewhere in my soul. I stood firmly in this femininity - wolfish, strong, flowery and delicate. And I felt in love with my heart and goddess female body. Luna gave me myself. Carefully, wisely, magically. She showed and taught me how can I live while standing firmly on my own feet and being firmly in my heart. Our journey continues and I ‘m delighted to learn Luna's mysterious temple practices of the Sexual Goddess.

Ewa:    Thank you that you are, that you created Kala Luna, that you share your extraordinary energy. That you are giving your presence, the warmth and the peace around. I thank, that you took me through the cycle for the Lunar Goddess. I experienced your presence , and I felt that it was something big , which embraced all of me and I was healed. I now have the strength to look at myself differently, to give love to myself without guilt, fear and shame. I have wings to take my life into my hands. I have faith in my own heart and entire me. I regained myself after 30 years of absence and life for others. Now I have the power to heal my life.

Anna:    (Energy healing session Kundalini Healing) I touched the Miracle and the eternal Magic ... thank you very much! 



Margaret and Slawek:    Great workshops –The Sacred Body and Joni and Lingam Ceremony ! We learned  a lot and come out with the vast knowledge given accurately, brightly, intelligibly and very accessibly. Massages are wonderful!  Simple, easy to make and very strong in feelings. We’ve got the materials home and  we could write everything, what was important for us. How Luna is leading the workshop - mastery and great respect! We are taking our hat off in view of her warmth, the knowledge, the professionalism, experience and the ability of leading the couples .Luna perfectly knows what she teaches, you will see her experience in teaching and communicating this knowledge. She was sensible, present, precisely in her place and with a huge sense of when to speak, when the lead further, and when to give us time to feel and be together. Being naked and learning the intimate massage we felt taken care of and safe. We felt very good, very fruitful, very intense, relaxing and we will definitely be back for more!

Magda and Piotr:    ( The Sacred Body) We thank you for unearthly massages, for help in opening the new living space, for warmth, trust, for the touch full of love and the training which certainly will result in new experiences, acceptance, power and the fulfillment in our daily life. We highly recommend you to all those who still wonder if it's worthy. Really it is worthwhile ;)

Laura and Dariusz :     Sacred Soul: There were three wonderful days. First, massages, which showed us the depth and sensuality of Tantra, then a workshop, where we met each other again. We have learned to discover mutual love, understanding, we have learned how to feel the presence and closeness without words, without too much talk about what’s most important. Massage showed us how powerful a tool it’s a touch and listening to the desires. The sexuality healing practices opened us to mutual attentiveness in intimacy. The rituals deepened our mutual dedication and demonstrated how to show each other our worship. They taught that to a great extent, we can show  each other the admiration, trust and love. 20 years after the wedding, we are again in love! Thank you!

David and Marta:    It passed almost two years since we were in the workshop Black Diamond. The workshop is still working for us. Thanks and greetings!

Raphael and Margaret:    Many months ago we were at the Sacred Sexuality workshop . We came at it from afar to meet again as a couple, as lovers and beloved, not just as a husband, wife and parents for our children. We've previously attended the other tantric workshops in London and Berlin, but it was kindergarten compared to what Luna led us . There they were teachers, here we’ve met the master, the priestess and Dakini. The workshop exceeded our expectations. We spent 2 days in holiness and in the sense of the sacred opened to us. In the rituals, which brought us to our partner sexual love. In the affection and admiration for each other. In a reminder of who we are for ourselves and in soothing. We took home the love, immense gratitude, the energy, the presence of Luna and her wonderful aphrodisiac ointment for home practice.