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Sacred Sexuality

SACRED SEXUALITY - Ritual workshop for couples.

Raphael and Margaret:    Many months ago we were at the Sacred Sexuality workshop . We came at it from afar to meet again as a couple, as lovers and beloved, not just as a husband, wife and parents for our children. We've previously attended the other tantric workshops in London and Berlin, but it was kindergarten compared to what Luna led us . There they were teachers, here we’ve met the master, the priestess and Dakini. The workshop exceeded our expectations. We spent 2 days in holiness and in the sense of the sacred opened to us. In the rituals, which brought us to our partner sexual love. In the affection and admiration for each other. In a reminder of who we are for ourselves and in soothing. We took home the love, immense gratitude, the energy, the presence of Luna and her wonderful aphrodisiac ointment for home practice.

For the Couple tantric sexuality is a prayer of gratitude and ravishment on the miracle which is aware sexual love. In Tantra your bodies are sacred and your sexuality is sacred. Intimate areas are a Temple of your bodies, holiest space and the highiest gift of love. In the tantric, sacred sexuality we can see the sex and the sexual energy as sacred power of the divine in man, which is the gateway to deepen mutual love, intimacy and understanding. We can see the union of bodies and sex as the prayer and the holiest sacrament, which receive the couple in a loving relationship. During the workshop you will feel a difference between tantric sexuality and common sexual activity, and you will find a deep sense of sexual union. You will know each other in a new, deeper way. You will learn how to create Sacred Space of Love and how to make the supreme gift of your sexual act. You will learn how to introduce the sacred sexuality into your intimate everyday life, how to show the respect and admiration to yourself, and how to honor each other. You will also take part in a unique and beautiful temple ceremony of Feet Washing and giving the reverence to each other. 

During the workshop you will learn:

What is Sacred Sexuality and Tantric Sex
How to create a Sacred Space of Love through the body, energy and spirit
How to open the sexual energy in the body, transmit the energy between partners and create a deep bound of love
How to create a personal sex language and how to find an intimal name of Yoni and Lingam
How to express a personal sexuality and how to fully receive a lover through the heart
How to accept and to honor each other’s Divinity
How to pay homage to Yoni and Lingam



Bring along the candles, flowers, oils, favorite cover (e.g. pareo, sarongs) and everything with what you want to beautify your intimate space.
At the end of the workshop you will get materials and scripts that will help you with the home performance of practices.

Workshop includes days of classes, first day between 18.00 - 21.00, second days between 10.00 - 18.00 , with breaks for lunch.
The workshop is individual - with trust, confidence and intimacy - no other couples or any third parties. 
The practices are open to couples who are in close intimate relationship and couples of all sexual orientations.
During theese practices NUDITY,CLOSENESS and INTIMACY is required.
Important ! This Ritual Workshop is dedicated to couples, who received a Sacred Body Ritual, or who are advanced in tantra
Price: PLN 1800 / couple