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Lunar Goddess


Lena:     I was very scared to come to the cycle the Lunar Goddess. I was very  scared how it would go and for almost a year I delayed to decide. In the end, I found  the courage to come. To my great joy, I found myself in a place where I did not want to leave. I found safety and peace. Luna Temple charmed me with the warmth and incredible energy. I started my journey into my femininity. Each meeting gave strong and spectacular effects. Unexpectedly, I found out that after every meeting I was shocked  how much it gave and how much I change in the right direction. With each session, with every practice I ensured myself in the fact that I am in the best place for me and in the best hands. My femininity was beloved and understood. I myself was fully respected and safe in this journey deep into myself. With joy and gratitude I ran to every subsequent meeting, thanking that I can come to Luna and work with her. I met myself who I never had known. I met myself who I always had wanted to be and who I had felt that is somewhere in my soul. I stood firmly in this femininity - wolfish, strong, flowery and delicate. And I felt in love with my heart and goddess female body. Luna gave me myself. Carefully, wisely, magically. She showed and taught me how can I live while standing firmly on my own feet and being firmly in my heart. Our journey continues and I ‘m delighted to learn Lunas mysterious temple practices of the Sexual Goddess.

"Lunar Goddess " is my author’s program and the therapeutic space for women who need healing and awakening the body, who carry sexual injuries, blockades, sexual dysfunctions, fears and inhibitions, bears the wounds inflicted by parents, society, religion or upbringing. In order to cure them in ourselves, we must understand that we can enjoy our sexuality without fear, shame and guilt, we can find the Goddess in ourselves, we can accept and love ourselves and anew to trust our body and unrestricted innocence. 

The potential of the tantric and energy touch flows straight from a loving heart and opened  womb, in the complete acceptance, safety and trust, and therefore it heals all wounds - emotional, psychological, physical and spiritual.
The Triple Goddess heals on many levels and restores contact with the body, strengthens and deepens the acceptance and respect due to the whole body and  in particular for intimate places of our body which need re-acceptance and unconditional love.

The practice includes cycle, in which one by one we will accept ourselves, our body and sexuality as:
Virgin - Priestess accepting her body as the Temple,
Mother - Feeder giving herself with everything, what is the best and supporting in accepting herself, her body and sexuality
Mage who Knows – filling herself with the wisdom that comes with an integrated and healed sexuality and body awareness.

Meetings can include healing:

- restoring / building contact with the body and sexuality after the medical surgeons (scars, lack of hair, breasts...) 
- lack of connection with your own body and the femininity 
- lack of psychological and emotional presence in sex 
- low self-assessment 
- difficulties in establishing the intimate relation
- lack of the excitement 
- loss of libido 
- closing for feeling and accepting pleasure 
- learning of receiving and accepting the body and experiencing the pleasure
- healing paralyzing shyness in sex
- sexual coldness (inability to feel orgasm) 
- inability to experience orgasm with a man / partner, and only with herself
- vaginismus, (pain with any attempt to penetrate) 
- healing unacceptable sexuality 
- releasing sexual blockades
- releasing of blocking beliefs about sexuality, as a shame, sin, dirt, guilt
- healing "bad touch" after the sexual abuse and toxic relations
- treatment of pornography addiction and compulsive masturbation

The practice includes:

- Tantric practice of deepening the openness, the unity and the closeness
- Conducted meditations
- Tantric Massages and work with the touch
- Kundalini Energy Healing
- Mapping - Intimal and / or anal acupressure
- Yoni Healing Massages (non erotic intimate massage)


The cycle includes 12 sessions (each sessions 3 hours).
The practices are individual - with trust, confidence and intimacy - no other couples or any third parties. 
During this practices NUDITY is required.
PLN 800 / session