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Scepter of Lihgt II


Jan Marcin D. :  I completed  the Scepter of Light II cycle. I recommend it to all! It was hard, I had to dig down to my blockades in sexuality, to overcome laziness and comfort. I overcome it, because I wanted to.  I worked out all the practices, I did all the recommended exercises. And I am now a different person. I found sexual awareness in my body, I found purpose and inner meaning of my manhood. I rebuilt contact with my intimacy. I improved my sexual capacities and capabilities and now I calmly look upon myself as a man understanding himself and grateful for his sexuality. Luna was  demanding and patient, full of understanding and consistent. Without her support, I wouldn’t be who I’m now.

Adam: It was the exciting cycle (the Scepter of Light II)! I've never thought in my life I'd feel so much as a man! Luna taught me to understand my sexuality in a new way my - of which I thought I knew everything. She showed how to lead the energy in the body, how to control myself without no effort  and how to prolong the pleasure so that it become fulfillment and totality. She taught me how to experience the feelings inaccessible to most of the men. I felt like never before. Like from the top of the mountain I flew down to limitless ocean of bliss. I found in my body the vastness of experiences.  I stopped being in a hurry. I started to celebrate every moment and every touch. I saw and learned where I go  as a sexual man.  I respected  deeply my sexuality and the sexuality of all my former and future partners.

 "Scepter of Light II" is my  author’s program and advanced cycle for men who need  awakening the body, strenghtening a libido, find a deep sense of your own masculinity, and who wish to learn a Temple Sexual Practices and Tantric Sexuality Mastery - control the ejaculation, achieve a multilevel / energetic pleasure and became a multiorgasmic man. "King of the Sun" is a complete cycle and heals on many levels. Restores contact with the body, strengthness and deepens the acceptance and respect due to the whole body and in particular for intimate places of our body which need a re- acceptance and unconditional love. 

The program may include :

- opening and the strenghthening the sexual energy, male power and confidence
- techniques of achieving deep and total pleasure
- techniques of non - ejaculatory orgasm
- techniques of energy / full body orgasm
- controlling the pleasure prolonging and techniques of multiorgasm
- therapy of premature ejaculation
- therapy of impotence
- treatment of pornography addiction and compulsive masturbation

The practice includes :

- Tantric whole body massages deepenng connection with sexuality and intimacy
- conducted meditations helpful to feel a deeper union with the sexuality and the body
- individual workshop classes and home practices
- Tantric Sexual Practices



The cycle includes 12 sessions, (each sessions 3 hours).
The practices are individual - with trust, confidence and intimacy - no other couples or any third parties. 
During thIs practices NUDITY is required.
Price: PLN 450 / session