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 DARK TANTRA - a path to inner wisdom and spiritual awakening. 

The Tantra was created in times and in the culture, where all sexual activity was a sacred - devoted to Gods. People learned their own sexuality in a temples where every sexual rituals were a fully devotion to the spiritual awakening. The Tantra coming from the ancient India, from where it spread to Tibet and China and to a lesser extent to the Middle East. The history and tantric letters are being dated over 6000 years, therefore Tantra is being regarded by many researchers as one of the oldest paths of the spiritual development in the world. In fact we can find all ancient world worshipped a sexuality as a highest divine power. We can find a Sexual Temple Practices in Sumer, Asirya, Mesopotamia, Babylon, Egypt and Greece, everywhere the human body was fully accepted and respected as a Temple, where the sexuality was adored and worshipped as the most excellent and highest prayer, gate to spiritual awakening and the divine power in the man. In these ancient communities The Sacred Sexuality was teached by the holy, very valued, initiated temple priestess. In Greece called them Hierodul, in India - Devadasi, in Egypt - Amoneti, in Sumer and Babylon - Quadishtu. Fallus and Vagina were adored as a most sacred parts of a body. Sex (solo and in the couple) was a pure and holy, and sexual intercourse was a spiritual prayer and highest sacrament, where the woman and the man in the love reunion reflected the religious act of the Creation and full emanation of Gods.

And what the Tantra is today?
For some, it is a spiritual path, the path of deep, sacred sexuality and the gateway to the Enlightenment. The practice of the deep, inner  development and the ability of transforming the sexual energy into creative life force and the personal creation power. For others, it’s a space of opening the heart, path of say YES for a spiritual patrons and inner truth, a conscious body feeling, learning themselves, their souls and senses. For others, it’s the total form of escape from everyday life, the dream form of the relaxation, of the rest and of the harmonization of the energy. For many women and men it’s a multilevel therapy of healing the sexuality, of unblocking sexual inhibitions, healing traumas and negative intimate experience. For couples it’s the open space of Sacred Sexual Practices to connect hearts and souls, to enrich intimate life , to build a mature and happy partner relationships and deep love ties.
On each of tantric practice’ levels, we open and transform the sexual energy
so that it encourage our internal development and it flourish in deep understanding that we are body, spirit and consciousness.

Spiritual essence of Tantra is awakening feminine life force energy - Kundalini Shakti.

Tantra is living with the openness to everything that happens to us. It’s embodiment of bliss in everyday’ life and the state of free joy in which sexual energy fills every moment and brings it alive. It’s the path of complete reunion of the body and the consciousness, the sexuality and the spirituality, the male and female energy due to what we can consciously create and make ourselve and our life. We create ourselves  strong, shining and standing on our own twoo feet. Deep rooted in trust to our body, well - developed mind and to personal inner wisdom. Such a life is becoming the fullness, the intensity, the conscious presence and the total fulfillment. In such a life there is no fear, no limitations and internal barriers, and everyday life is what we welcome with all heart. And we can find an inner, personal spirituality - deep connection of energy, self consciousness, body and soul.


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