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Sacred Body

 Sacred Body - Ritual Workshop for Couples

Magda and Piotr: (workshop of Tantric Massage) We thank you for unearthly massages, for help in opening the new living space, for warmth, trust, for the touch full of love and the training which certainly will result in new experiences, acceptance, power and the fulfillment in our daily life. We highly recommend you to all those who still wonder if it's worthy. Really it is worthwhile ;)

Tantric mssage is one of oldest love rituals and one of the deepest amorous practices to every loving couples. Tender touch is also one of the deepest needs of our bodies. Sustain trust, safe and entrust to each other. Touch of warm oil and loving hands open a deep fulfilment, care, caress and pleasure. Celebrated gives a satisfaction, hapiness and bliss. Most of tantric couples adores tantric massages as an unussual relaxing and stimuating overture to sexual pleasure or as an intimate meditation for opening a deep care about love, feminity and masculinity. 

During the workshop you will learn:

What is Tantric Massage as a Temple Spiritual Practice
How to create the Sacred Space of Love
How does the energy system work in the body
How to transmit the sexual energy along the body 
What  male and female sexuality looks like and what are the differences
What are the differences in women's and men's expectations for the touch and massage
How to rub the body with oil to enter into a bliss

You will learn the practices:

Tantric Touch to open a deep level of hapiness, bliss, trust and love
Tantric Chakra Balancing Massage
Egiptian Temple Ritual of Rubing the body
Tantric Temple Massage Garden of Love
Tantric Holistic and Healing Massage
Tantric meditations to sustain you to the deep level of closeness and presence
Sharing of sexual energy to feel a deeper level of spiritual, energetic and carnal unity
Intimate partnership communication - how to give, receive, permit and refuse  


Bring along the candles, flowers, oils, favorite cover (e.g. pareo, sarongs) and everything with what you want to beautify your intimate space.
At the end of the workshop you will get materials and scripts that will help you with the home performance of practices.

Workshop includes 3 days of classes, first day between 18.00 - 21.00, second days between 10.00 - 18.00 , with breaks for lunch.
The workshop is individual - with trust, confidence and intimacy - no other couples or any third parties.  
The practices are open to couples who are in close intimate relationship and couples of all sexual orientations. 
During theese practices NUDITY,CLOSENESS and INTIMACY is required.
Important ! This Ritual Workshop is dedicated to begginners and advanced in tantra. 
Price: PLN 1800 / couple