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Scepter of Lihgt

SCEPTER OF LIGHT - is an ancient, tantric development process for men who feel that conscious and fulfilled masculinity is something different than the stereotype offered by the modern world.

ROBERT: Luna's personality runs out of present thinking’ framework of what's allowed, what's right and how to live. What you can have and achieve in life. Her temple shows how little courage we have to live our lives by ourselves. Luna's touch is delightful. It is a very powerful experience of great tenderness and care mixed with commitment and inevitability. Her presence in the sessions expresses the spectrum of her approach to the whole process. From the immense empathy and warmth to the icy cold and choosing everything when it’s necessary. From affection and understanding to being left alone. I was given space to take care of myself and make my own decisions. Exercises and tasks for homework were always needed and well chosen, giving me the opportunity to create new solutions and opportunities. During this year of working together I had the opportunity to enter into myself very much and confront myself as a male and mate..

PETER: With Luna everyone will find what needs because she works out of the schemes. She adapts everything to the current moment, a person and the needs. All the practices, all the massages are adapted to the current situation. Nothing is schematic and "for everyone". Luna treats every person like a white page. She does not judge, she does not deny. She observes and listens and draws conclusions very quickly. What the therapists have found in me over the years, she found in 20 minutes of conversation, including the entrance, and then she made a plan for what they had not noticed and developed. Her conclusions are clear and pure. She sees and knows how to use it. She can lead and gives hope.

In the old days, Black Tantra was a Secret Sacred Art. Each Tantric Adept began temple learning with spiritual preparations during which he developed internally. In his darkness and silence he learned  himself and  mentally matured , so that over time he could fully consciously access advanced bodily, sexual and spiritual practices.

The Scepter of Light is an ancient, tantric development process for men who feel that conscious and fulfilled masculinity is something different than the stereotype offered by the modern world. It is a program for those who feel that in their masculine power, there is something more than they know. For those who miss the depth of their masculinity which is firmly and confidently rooted in self-confidence and in a sincere relationship with their body and their conscious sexuality. For those who want to develop themselves internally thanks to their sexual energy, deriving from it a huge life, spiritual and mystical strength.

A tantric man is firmly embedded in his body, in his mind and in his heart. He is the Highest Priest of the Goddess, King, God, Mage, Mature Sexual Partner, Healer and Warrior. He is careful, aware of her sexuality, balanced in his masculine power and deeply calm. Fully contacted with his inside and his true himself. Reconciled with his emotions, the feelings and the heart.

During the whole process you will meet, recognize and accept Yourself - a Real, Adult Man. Free, Conscious and Fulfilled.
The one you are in your heart and which you have always longed for.



- accepting your masculinity as a conscious gift for yourself
- building a connection and conscious relationship with your male body, emotions and feelings
- building a trust in your body
- getting to know the fullness of your masculinity
- learning about deep aspects of your sexual personality
- building conscious masculinity at the emotional, mental and physical level
- building emotional and sexual adulthood
- redefining masculinity stereotypes - from harmful and incomplete into the deep and complete ones.


- releasing blocking beliefs about sexuality, such as shame, sin, guilt, fear, weakness, inadequacy, failure to meet expectations
- healing low self-esteem, not accepting your body and yourself
- developing self-esteem and confidence
- improving the ability to set clear boundaries in personal, sexual and social life
- releasing suppressed emotions and restraints in real sexual self-expression
- receiving a sexual shadow - masculinity and repressed / unacceptable sexuality
- release of sexual blockades like suppressed libido, paralyzing shyness in sex
- releasing blocking traumas against women and former sexual, life or other sexual partners
-  releasing sexually blocking traumas against mother / father
- recognition and releasing from a violence  in the past and present relationships
- releasing traumas after sexual abuse / harassment / toxic relationships / sexual violence
- releasing injuries inflicted herself by consenting to unwanted intimacy / sex
- release of pre -birth and birth traumas, injuries, blockades, anger and fears
- releasing blockades that suppress sexual power and abilities at the professional / financial / partner / relational / life level
- defining a clear vision of yourself as a fully man, defining your aspirations, priorities and goals


- sacred sexual power - the power of a mature man
- deepening body awareness and sexuality
- developing mental and emotional presence in sex
- finding a deep sense of your masculinity and male sexuality
- discovering sexual taboo - working with desires and sexual fantasies
- learning to accept your body and experience pleasure
- deepening mental and emotional presence in sex
- opening to sexuality, to feeling and receiving real pleasure
- release of psychological / emotional causes of libido’ loss
- balancing too much libido
- release of psychological / emotional causes for blocking oneself to sexuality, for feeling and receiving pleasure


- open and brave man
- man fulfilled mentally and energetically - penetrating and receiving
- learning to fully fill up with sexual energy and direct it inside the body, not outside
- learning to experience deep energy / whole body orgasm and multiorgasm
- techniques of non - ejaculatory orgasm
- controlling the pleasure prolonging 
- transformation of sexual energy into internal vitality / healing power
- transforming sexual energy into individual creative power in life / relationships / projects
- transforming sexual energy into spiritual mystical power


The main pillar of the whole healing process is work with the deep integration of your Three Hearts and at the same time with three Divine Powers - Mind, Heart and Sexual Energy. These are three centers in you that must be opened, tuned and harmonized into one coherent unity. Then the whole process will be firmly rooted in you and everything you learn, will develop and support you constantly at every level of life.


I will be with you throughout the whole process. You will get the needed help, conversation, advice and guidance.
The program of activities will be prepared individually for you, adapted to your personality and deep, internal needs.
Meetings are held individually, keeping your borders and your privacy. In trust, intimacy and in the secure space of the Temple - without the presence of other people.
Activities include Temple meetings and homework practices.


We can work in a lone / individual sessions or in full transformative healing cycle.
The practices are individual - with trust, confidence and intimacy - no other couples or any third parties.  During this practices NUDITY is required. 
The lone session duration: 3 hours
The price 800 PLN / session

The cycle includes 12 sessions (each sessions 3 hours).
Price: PLN 4800PLN

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