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  How to distinguish real tantric massage from massages which arbitrarily use the name "tantra"? 

The first thing is the age of masseuses in such parlors. If  in the pictures there are only ladies 18 +, covering their faces, than you know, what "tantra" it is. The second tip is the experience of the staff - in the presentation of such "masseuses" there is nothing about the individual development and the tantric, spiritual and personal education. These ladies have not any certificates of completion of tantric, international schools and trainings. They do not have any knowledge or practice in professional work with sexuality, body and energy. And without the internal, long-term practice you can’t do the tantric massage. The third tip is customary bookmark "Work" on these pages - please note what is required: nice appearance, age up to 30 and willingness for high earnings, there is no word about the required education and tantric experience.

I was never on such a massage, what should I bring and how to prepare? 
Come with joy, a smile and a positive attitude - that's all what is needed from your side. There's nothing more you need to prepare or take. The temple is fully supplied with everything you might need during the session. 

How do I make an appointment? 
The best is to reserve a date by phone or email. It’s perfect when the booking is a few days earlier, but on the same day it is also possible to try to get in. Prepare yourself a quiet time for a massage, conversation and a calm shower.

Is it necessary to have tantric experience to come for a massage? 
No need to have experience. Everyone who comes for the first time is shortly introduced in the subject and step-by-step run through the entire ceremony.

 Is any activity toward the masseuse possible? 
Absolutely not. During the massage, massaged person remains in fully receiving role. The essence of tantric massage is to give yourself into my hands to the fullest and passively experience the flowing energy, relaxation and bliss. 

Do I have to be lesbian to come for a massage to a woman? 
No, sexual orientation has no effect on a massage - with equal respect and openness I am massaging women and men, regardless of sexual orientation.

Will I not be feeling embarrassed during the massage by my nakedness? 
No, because the meetings are designed so that nobody, regardless of age or appearance don't feel embarrassed by the own body. According to the tantric tradition and in respect for the Temple clients’ nakedness, I do massage naked. 

I am a mature woman brought up shyly. I want to do something good for myself - can I come  for a massage? Will I feel safe? 
Yes! Tantric massage is perfect for women who want to be cuddled, embraced and wrapped in the warmth and the safety. If you want, you can meet with me in advance and talk about your concerns and expectations. 

I am an older man - I am over 65 years old, whether it is massage for me? 
Yes! Everyone fully deserves to experience pleasure and sensuality. 

I have problems with the efficiency /sexual coldness, will massage help me? 
Yes, massage naturally unblocks the sexual tensions placed in the body, emotions and the psyche of women and men. If there is a need additionally, after a massage I recommend appropriate exercises and techniques to help in return to the sexual health. 

Can I have an erection? 
Yes, because Tantric touch is sensual, full of warmth and tenderness. During the massage, sexual energy wakes up and rises in the body and an erection and an excitement can be a natural reaction.

 I'm a man. Can I ejaculate? 
Yes, if it is a natural reaction of the body – it will be welcomed. In any case, I do not require ejaculation control skills or tantric techniques of sexuality management from my clients. However, it is not the purpose of intimate massage to achieve ejaculation, but in a natural way it may be it’s crowning.

Can I learn tantric techniques deepening the sexuality and rising the sexual energy? 
Yes, absolutely, I run sessions and individual meetings for Women, Men and Couples of all orientations. 

Are couples having sex during the session for Couples ? 
No, it is not necessary at teaching the intimacy. 

 Is it possible triangle with a masseuse? 
No, absolutely. I'm not a sexual partner and I do not enter into intimate contact with clients