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Kala Luna Temple



  Kala Luna Temple

 Black Tantra and Sacred Sexuality, Ancient Temple Sexuality
Tantric Sacret Massages, Intimate Mapping
Healing Body Rituals, Sexual Healing,
Ceremonies of Love,
Tantric BDSM and Kink, Shadow Tantra and Dark Eros 
Shadow Healing,
Certified School of Tantra Massage,
Only individual sessions.

I warmly welcome in an unusual place - the Temple of Black Tantra and Spiritual Sexuality. Kala Luna is a ritually opened’ Temple  devoted to Ancient Temple Sexuality.  Created with my deep desire to restore to modern people an ancient sexual practices, sacred rituals of honoring the body, deep spititual ceremonies of sacred sexuality and teach the truth and purity of Tantra.
Kala Luna is a Black Womb of the Goddess, full of the Power and Silence, in which we can sink into ours’ own truth. Find, feel, touch and experience our internal divinity, find the fullness of the divine and archetypal emanations, experience the transcendence and depth to hear ourselves and be born anew. 
This is the sole Tantric Temple i Poland directed as an ancient temples in which Priesstess and Goddesses invited Women and Men on individual personal ceremonies. They led them into power, warmth, wisdom and purity of open hearth. This is also the first Tantric Temple when all practices are devoted only for individual persons / couples, and practices are in complete privacy and secrecy. In silence and tranquility and mystery and the presence of the Goddess.

You will find here :

- Professional and multi-level Ceremonies of the Sacred Tantric Massages
- tantric healing cycles to restoring connections to body and sexuality and receiving intimacy
- Ceremonies of Love - Tantric Ritual Workshop for Couples - Tantric Mssages and the Sacred Sexuality
- Tantric BDSM and Kink, Dark Eros and Integration of Shadow Sexuality
- Certified School of Tantric Massages for professionals
- Energy Massages and energy bodywork, specifically with sexual energy and Kundalini
- Tantric healing cycles of sexual problems and dysfunctions
- Intense Sexual Bodywork with nudity, intimacy and sexuality
- Practices of deepening the sexual consciousness and the sexual development
- Practices of the Path of Power 
and deep personal work with the Inner Shadow – coming from tantric tradition of Vama Tantra, Typhonian Tantra and Phaosophic Tantra

Practices conducted by me, are aimed for seeking the divinity and the fullness in ourselves, inside our souls and hearts. 

I am inviting everyone to tantric massages, sessions, practices and ceremonies -  Woman, Men and Couples of all sexual orientations. Temple is open for everyone, for the believers - regardless of their faith, and for atheists.
Tantric meetings can be one-time deepening of the internal, spiritual and intimate life. They can be also the long-term and multi-level practice of internal transformation, way of the Opening the Heart and the path leading to our internal Core, essence and Consciousness Center.





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