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I warmly welcome in an unusual place – the Temple of Black Tantra and Spiritual Sexuality.

Kala Luna is the sole Tantric Temple in Poland, ritually opened’ and devoted to Ancient Temple Sexuality.
Created with my love and deep desire to worship humans beauty and restore to modern people an Ancient Sexual Practices. Sacred Rituals of Honoring the Body, deep spititual ceremonies of Sacred Sexuality and teach the truth and purity of Black Tantra – the oldest Tantric Spiritual Path of Self Development.

Kala Luna is a Black Womb of the Goddess, full of the Power and Silence, in which we can sink into ours’ own truth. Find, feel, touch and experience our internal divinity, find the fullness of the divine and archetypal emanations, experience the transcendence and depth to hear ourselves and be born anew.
In silence, tranquility, mystery and the presence of the Goddess.

My Temple is a privy and holy space. A golden cave full of warmth of energy and silence. I directed my Temple as an ancient temples in which Priesstess and Goddesses invited Women and Men on individual personal ceremonies. All my practices are devoted only for individual persons / couples. In silence, tranquility, mystery and the presence of the Goddess I give the power, warmth, wisdom and purity of open hearth.
All practices are in complete privacy and secrecy.

You will find here:

– Professional and genuine Ceremonies of the Sacred Tantric Massages
– Temple Rituals of Spiritual Sexuality
– Tantric Healing to restoring connections to body / sexuality and receiving intimacy
– Ceremonies of Love – Tantric Ritual Workshop for Couples – Tantric Mssages and the Temple Sexual Practices
– Energy Massages and energy bodywork, specifically with sexual energy and Kundalini
– Intimate Mapping – Intense Psycho – Emotional Sexual Bodywork
– Hearth Opening – Psycho – Emotional Healing Process
– Healing the Inner Pain and Fear
– Transformative bodywork with the Sexual / Emotional / Psychical Shadow
– Certified Tantric Bodyworking for Professionals
– Path of Power – deep personal work with the Inner Shadow – coming from tantric tradition of Kaula Tantra – Vamachara, Siddahantachara, Aghorachara.

My Temple is open to:

– beginners and advanced in Tantra
– everyone who need to experience a real Tanntra and spiritual purity of sexual practices
– who care of privacy and intimacy
– who need to deeply respect their nudity and need to practice without any third persons
– who value an individual personal training
– who value a deep energy healing and pure Temple Energy

I am inviting Woman, Men and Couples of all sexual orientations.

Temple is open for everyone, for the believers – regardless of their faith, and for atheists.

tantra masaż energetyczny

No man will be awaken without sexual energy. The heart will not awake without sexual energy. Without sexual energy there will be no Enlightenment.

Tantra is the Ritual of Life, dedicating your life to Holiness.

Sexuality is beautiful, pure and sacred.

BLACK TANTRA – one of the oldest religions / spiritual paths that exist on earth. It has been continuously taught and practiced since immemorial times. It is one of the fastest, most beautiful, most ecstatic, but also the most demanding spiritual practices and paths to divinity. Its spiritual essence is our spiritual awakening, full, inner freedom and the rising of female creative energy – Kundalini Shakti.

On the mistical and philosophical level Kauli Tantra teach that there are 3 main paths to achieving sacredness, enlightenment, and full inner liberation. These three paths must be combined so that the inner transformation would be complete and would give mystic, deep bliss and true inner freedom.

They are:

– spiritual practices / kundalini / meditation / prayer

– conscious sensuality and conscious sexuality

– full integration of shadow – our unconscious / hidden psycho-emotional-sexual desires.


The Tantra is a system of spiritual development, coming from the ancient India, from where it spread to Tibet and China and to a lesser extent to the Middle East. The history and tantric letters are being dated over 6000 years, therefore Tantra is being regarded by many researchers as one of the oldest paths of the personal development in the world.


Tantra was created in times and cultures where sexuality was sacred as an area of life – that means dedicated to Gods. Sacred Sexual Practices were taught in temples, and sexual rituals were treated as naturally and most fully dedicated to the divine.

The whole ancient world worshiped Sexual Energy as a sacred Divine Power and a mystical ritual giving access to the wisdom and power of Gods.A divine spiritual power, a gateway to self-knowledge and enlightenment.
The practices of temple sexuality can be found in ancient India, Sumer, Mesopotamia, Assyria, Babylon, early Egypt and early Greece. In all these great communities Holy Sex was taught by highly respected and esteemed temple priests. In Greece they were called Hierodule, in India- Devadasi, in Egypt- Amoneti, in Sumer and Babylon- Qadishtu. As a sign of their initiation and entrusting themselves to the Gods, they wore Golden Cobra / snakes – a symbol of the Holy Sexual Power and Spiritual Deification.

Throughout the ancient world, Spiritual Tantric Sexuality, with all its wealth of practices, was extremely respected, treated naturally and with great respect for the unique beauty and individual needs of the body. It was the Golden Lotus, the deepest personal prayer through which a person could achieve mystical spiritual states, access transcendence, unite with inner divinity and with all existence. Sexual energy was worshiped as a natural source of health and our full potential. The gateway to inner, spiritual, mystical experiences and the emanation of Divine Power in human. The body and the intimate places of the body were specially worshiped, as the most sacred parts of ourselves, because Divine Energy flows from them. Every form of sexual activity (solo, in pairs, in groups, in all sexual configurations and in every sexual activity) was a pure and sacred spiritual practice, in which the conscious management of sexual energy was a prayer and the highest sacrament. Each conscious spiritual act directing sexual energy into a mystical purpose embodied the diversity and perfection of the Gods and Goddesses, and the conscious sexually Women and Men reflected the Divine and the full emanation of deification.


The shadow is the body of the soul. In Black Tantra it’s considered to be the most precious part of our personality. It is our great power and that part of us that deserves to be known, understood, grateful and delighted. You must know that your shadow is natural for your whole personality. It is a harmonious and necessary part of you. Just as there is night and day in nature, your Shadow is an integral part of your whole. Half of you. Just as you have two legs, two hands, two eyes, and two hemispheres of your brain, so do you have two sides of your Self. Dark and bright. Both very real and very necessary.

Shadow – all the things you’re afraid of inside you, denying, superseded as “bad”, “not right”, embarrassing, antisocial. Those parts of you that you forbid yourself to feel and express. Those desires and needs that you block and push away instead of developing wisely. Those emotions and feelings that you run away from. The shadow is your psychoemotional-sexual Self, your natural instincts and deep, primal needs.

Sexual Shadow is also what you deny, what you don’t want to accept in yourself, what you reject as “not right”, “not good”, “not normal”, what you cannot accept because it is stereotypically not standard. All your inner excitements and desires that you feel and want to realize, but under social / relational pressure you have managed to sweep them into a corner and pretend they do not exist. And now they hurt and irritate. not loved and not cuddled.

A healed shadow is one that ceases to be a shadow, is removed “from the closet” and becomes an integral and joyful part of your life. The shadow you know, accept, love and realize in accordance with you and your deep Leeds, becomes a clear part of you.

In Black Tantra Shadow is what you have to open in yourself, not “heal”. The transformation of the Shadow means that you recognize and accept your dark side. You learn to use it to do good things with it. To do good things thanks to it. To make your world a more beautiful and better place. With this power you can develop and shape yourself into a good, conscious person.


For some, it is a spiritual path, the path of deep, sacred sexuality and the gateway to the Enlightenment. The practice of the deep, inner development and the ability of transforming the sexual energy into creative life force and the personal creation power.

For others, it’s a space of opening the heart, path of say YES for a spiritual patrons and inner truth, a conscious body feeling, learning themselves, their souls and senses.

For others, it’s the total form of escape from everyday life, the dream form of the relaxation, of the rest and of the harmonization of the energy. For many women and men it’s a multilevel therapy of healing the sexuality, of unblocking sexual inhibitions, healing traumas and negative intimate experience.

For couples it’s the open space of Sacred Sexual Practices to connect hearts and souls, to enrich intimate life , to build a mature and happy partner relationships and deep love ties.

On each of tantric practice’ levels, we open and transform the sexual energy so that it encourage our internal development and it flourish in deep understanding that we are love and love is what we are.

Tantra is living with love and the openness to everything that happens to us. It’s embodiment of bliss in everyday’ life and the state of free joy in which sexual energy fills every moment and brings it alive. It’s the path of complete reunion of the body and the consciousness, the sexuality and the spirituality, the male and female energy due to what we can consciously create and make ourselve and our life.

Such a life is becoming the fullness, the intensity, the conscious presence and the total fulfillment. In such a life there is no fear, no limitations and internal barriers, and everyday life is what we welcome with the heart.

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