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O mnie

Luna B. Mierzewicz – the founder of Kala Luna Temple

Spiritual Healer, Master Teacher of Black Tantra ans Sacred Temple Sexuality in Maha Siddhi Traditions.
The founder of Kala Luna Temple – the sole Tantric Temple of Kauli Tantra Traditions – Vamachara, Aghorachara, Siddhanatachara. 

Initiated Master of Temple Sexuality Practices, specifically working with sexual energy and Kundalini Energy.
Spiritual and Kundalini Healing Grand Master.
The teacher of Professional Tantric Bodyworking for Professionals.
Master Teacher of Sexual Magic, Goddess and Mage in Temple V.

Specialising in transformative healing through the body in:

– Professional and genuine Ceremonies of the Sacred Tantric Massages
– Temple Ceremonies of Spiritual Sexuality
– Sexual Healing and Intimate Mapping
– Tantric Energy Bodyworking specifically with Sexual Energy and Kundalini
– Intense psycho-emotional Sexual Bodywork
– Transformative Bodywork with the sexual / emotional / psychical Shadow
– Healing the Inner pain and fear

O mnie

As of many years with awakening Kundalini I pass the highest individual and seclusion Initiations of Death and Spiritual Self – Creations.
Tantric Healing skills and Temple Sexuality Mastery attained in London in Tantric Temple. I learned and practiced many years, invited people from all countries, religions and cultures. 

My teachers, spiritual patrons / quardians and guides are:  Abigail Lefey, Lamar Sull, Samael Salamhan, Diedra Williams, Pulla Dajarwati, Namoah Kali and many, many of my great friends from Temple V. With my  heart I thank them for their presence, wisdom, and for the fact that they were so demanding, consistent and patient.

As a teacher of Kauli Tantra I hold my Temple so far away from common western Neo-Tantra. I am leading myself and others consciously and responsibly in the work with the sexuality, energy, the personal development and healing the body and spirit. I am working based on wisdom and knowledge from my teachers, my own, author’smethods and on experience coming from the deep, personal and spiritual development.

During the sessions I share myself with the others – with my calmness, my warmth, experience, knowledge, energy, my inner joy and openness of my heart.

I am inviting Woman, Men and Couples of all sexual orientations. 

Temple is open for everyone, for the believers – regardless of their faith, and for atheists. 

For over  15 years I support people from all the world in accepting their sexuality and intimacy as holiness, spiritual – mistical force  and the supreme gift of existence. I heal with an intense bodywork with the touch, nudity, sexuality and intimacy. I conduct individual sessions and healing cycles supporting the physical, emotional and energy healing of sexual areas. Help singles and couples in the art of connecting the body with energy, the sexuality with spirituality, the awareness with the presence and the male essence with female one. I support experiencing the deep contact with the body, the awakening and distribution of sexual energy in the body, achieving multi -orgasmic state  and transforming the sexual energy into creative life and spiritual energy. I teach the deepening of mutual closeness, tenderness, love, and how to build a deep unity on the basis of conscious sexual love.
With my life I show you how to live a life filled with totality, intensity and with ecstatic, joyful experiencing everyday life in bliss and fulfillment.

My certificates and diplomas:

Certified Tantric Sacred Massage Healer – London
Sacred Sexual Healer – London
Certified Vamachara Tantra Therapist – London
Certified Sacred Massage Therapist – London
Kundalini Healing Grand Master – London
Kundalini Healing Master Teacher – London
“Conscious Kink and Shadow Tantra Practitioner Training” at the School of Erotic Misteries, London
Certificate of Completion “ASPEX Training” – Advanced Sexological Personal Exploration Xperience at the Sex Coach University of San Francisco – Warsaw
Certificate of Completion “Clinical Sexology Live Training” at the Sex CoachU of San Francisco – Warsaw
Certificate of Completion “The Ultimate SAR Experience” – Sexual Attitudes Re – Assessment & Re – Structuring Training at the Institute for Sexual Self Realization of San Francisco – Warsaw
Massage PeLoHa – Lodz
Bioenergy Therapy – Warsaw
Hypnotherapy – Warsaw

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