Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Privacy policy Kala Luna Temple portals –, named Portal.

1. This Privacy policy contains rules for the use and protection of personal data of people using the Kala Luna Temple Portal.

2.Barbara Mierzewicz is an Administrator of the personal data stored in the Portal. Barbara Mierzewicz is the owner of the company, and the business is called Kala Luna Temple. Address: ul.Kluczowa 10/4 01-929 Warsaw, NIP; 5832189298.

3. The Portal Administrator takes responsibility for diligence and protection of data.

4. Personal data is processed with the permission from portal users, according to the law and this agreement.

5. The Portal gathers information and permissions from users by:

a) Consent from users
b) Data from “cookies”
c) Use of statistic form Google Analytics

6. Portal collecting information given by the users with a free will.

7. Data contained in the comments form is monitored to ensure that the users use the portal appropriately.

8. Personal data collected by the portal will not be sold to, or viewed by any third party, according to the data protection legalisation.

9. Portal user have the right to modify and change their personal data, or even withdraw from data processing at any time.

10. The Portal Administrator retains the right to changed Portals Privacy Policy for the need of the internet technology, or any changes in the law regarding personal data protection. Administrator will inform clearly and visibly about any changes.

11. The Portal may display links to other websites. The Portal takes no responsibility for the content of these links. Other website may have their own privacy policy to which the users should consent. In case of any doubts regarding rules the Portals Privacy Policy Administrator is available for the portal users on:

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