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Marta: You go to Luna for the truth. To hear everything that we are afraid to say to ourselves. To express directly what we have been feeling for a long time. To feel ourselves truly. So that we don’t run away from ourselves anymore, face ourselves and be in it. To take it home and start living. Luna helps. She gives courage, says what needs to be heard, what needs to be said and finally made aware. She gives the strength to go through and do it. She gives support and motivation to go forward. She gives sensitivity and a very safe atmosphere. Gives confidence that what is difficult, it can happen and be easier than fears and expectations.

AGNIESZKA : I said goodbye to my miscarried children at Luna’s mapping … after 20 years, only at Luna’s … Thank you, dear!

MONICA: Luna, after your mapping, I finally got pregnant!

MARLENA : It’s not just a massage. It’s very good psychotherapy.

ANNA: I’ve worked with Luna on something I’ve been dealing with for years in various therapies. The death of my children. I came in desperation because no one could help me to work through the pain, grief, anger, mourning. It took three mapping massage sessions with Luna. I was ready and I gave myself to her hands. I told her to do what she wants, that I believe she’ll help me. During the session I was screaming and crying with internal and mental pain. From emotions and deeply buried feelings that I didn’t realize. I was shouting and laughing alternately when she gave me a moment to rest. I was floating on the wave of what I felt and under the very strict guidance of Luna I was freeing myself from everything. From pain, trauma, sleepless nights, a broken marriage and life. After each session, part of me was coming back, waking up to life. Into my overall health. After all the therapy, I came back to life. To balance and efficiency. Then to a full-scale job. I again loved my home and made contact with my husband, whom I love, and from whom I moved away after losing my children. And finally I went to the grave and for the first time I did not cry. I brought them flowers and Luna’s business card so they knew who helped us. I don’t know how to describe what Luna does for people. I don’t know how to thank you, so thank you. On behalf of myself, Cuba, Angelika and Adam’s husband. Namaste. P.S. Now my husband goes to sessions 🙂

JUSTYNA i DAWID: Very much so! Thank you for letting go our fears = returning to love. My wife let go of being a victim. I let go the fear of being a man.

Mapping of Yoni and Anus (for women) and Anus (for men), called otherwise Intimate Acupressure, is a healing therapeutic method and a specialized massage of the interior of Yoni and Anus. It involves massaging and compressing specific places in your body where internal and external tensions, stress, fears and all blockages that you consciously and unconsciously have accumulated in your life for years. Through the Intimate Mapping you can release the psychical blocks which stopped your energy flow and natural body feelings.
The mapping I do is an ancient tantric practice, developed into MY AUTHOR’S HEALING METHOD, developed over the years of my tantric practice and everyday work with people. It is part of a comprehensive, specialized and healing ceremony of tantric whole body massage, which I conduct in deep sensibility, empathy and with your consent.

The most important areas that Mapping heals when you want to:

– feel or strengthen your body awareness
– establish deep contact with your inner Self
– feel yourself through the body in connection with the heart and soul
– hear your inner voice
– strengthen self-awareness and self-confidence
– strengthen warm contact with your sexuality
– strengthen the joy of sex and sexuality of yourself and of your partner
– strengthen the flow of sexual energy in the body
– strengthen the flow of Kundalini Siakti in the body
– wake up your femininity
– wake up your manhood
– feel inner joy and freedom
– heal the blockades and inhibitions that you feel in yourself and you cannot reach and overwork them

The most important areas that Mapping heals when you feel inside you:

– conscious and unconscious psycho-emotional blockages, which you cannot reach, and which suppress your openness and intimate relationships
– lack of joy from sex
– difficulties in experiencing sexual pleasure and enjoying orgasm
– squeezing in the body and fear of intimacy with yourself and your partner
– fears of closeness and of creating an intimate / loving / partnering relationship
– sexual coldness or excessive sexuality (hypersexuality)
– discomfort, pain and blockages during the sexual intercourse
– fears of sexual activity
– fears of your own sexual value
– the difficulty of loving yourself and your body
– shame at your nakedness and carnality
– difficulties with getting pregnant
– lack of joy of life, depressivness

The most important areas that Mapping heals when you carry in Yourself:

– fear of mature adulthood
– fear of failure to meet expectations and of rejection
– difficulty in showing emotional and physical warmth and feelings
– permission to deflate and sacrifice yourself
– injuries as a result of prolonged denial of one’s personality, needs, truthfulness and sexuality
– internal urge to perfection
– personal / social / education/ family / religious fears and beliefs blocking courage and action
– lack of self-esteem
– difficulty and resistance in dealing with people

The most important areas that Mapping heals when you need to let it go :

– psychological and emotional burdens worn for years
– never expressed emotions worn for years
– difficult childhood memories / experiences
– lack of parental care and love
– emotional coldness experienced / taken from home
– long lasting in toxic relationships
– consent to unwanted sexual partners
– physical / emotional / psychological / sexual violence in childhood or adult life

The most important areas that Mapping heals when you need to release:
– lack of self-care and taking care of herself
– unhealed pain in body, heart and soul worn for years,
– painful memories of illness
– painful memories of difficult births
– not fully experienced mourning after separation
– not fully experienced mourning for loved ones
– fear of finding a partner again
– deep fear of living / further life in emotional loneliness / without closeness and love

– all other burdens that you carry in your mind and emotions, which affect you and block your free access to full connection with yourself, your body, heart and sexual energy.

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During the session you will be in deep and conscious contact with me. We will be in this together. I will support you psychologically and emotionally. I will lead your whole process in such a way as to strengthen your sense of care and security in what you are experiencing. You will allow yourself to see, understand and let go of everything that you carry inside you and that you release, and I will help you with that. I will guide and support you. I will guide you so you can see what’s deep inside, so you can understand, solve and release what blocks you and hurts as quickly as possible.
To make the effect as deep as possible, I will guide you into a mental and emotional presence throughout the experience. You will participate consciously and actively in your healing. In deep contact with yourself and in your emotional presence you will be in contact with what I will release from your body by doing the massage. During the session you will talk to me what you feel, what you “see” from your body, what emotions / tensions are released, because this will help you to integrate and release them faster. I will give you the opportunity to express your feelings in different ways you need: with words, curses, laughter, crying, screaming, calm telling and open contact with your deep self. In confidence to Yourself, to your body and to my warm, good presence.

After calming your emotions and putting your mind at ease, there will be time for your decision  on how to proceed. In harmony with yourself, you can choose e.g. :
– continuing a deep, soothing, tantric body massage
– talking about what happened
– staying in silence and gaining inner strength
– to search with me for solutions if situations require change, new approach, new solutions or action.

It may also be that I will offer you further necessary practices to let through the body everything that has happened to you in Mapping and fill these experiences with intentional sexual energy.

Duration: 3hours
Price: 700 PLN

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