Sacred Tantric Massage


RAFAŁ:    I lack words to describe it! Total groove and relaxation, I’ve never experienced before. No other massage is giving such a feeling, that’s it. Such a massage I was looking for!

KARO: I was on massage today at Luna. Oh … I do not know if I can find the words to describe what I experienced. The possibility of giving up into the hands of a woman who has dedicated her life to serve others with tantric touch and heal them, it is true favor. Thank you Luna. I recommend the visit to Kala Luna Temple to all tantra men and women as part of tantric personal hygiene. 

ANDREW: No words can convey what I felt during the Ceremony of Fire. I am very impressed by the massage, the intuition, professionalism and skills of Luna. She really knows  what she does. She knows what she is doing and runs it in a very conscious way.

WALDEMAR: Luna, you have the gentleness, consciousness, feeling and understanding in yourself. Such experience as yours, is developed for years and you can see and feel it in your approach, touch, running. When you are massaging, the incredible peace and total relaxation is radiating from you. During the massage, I was in your energy and emanation. It was amazing and very powerful experience. Thank you, I have to sort it out in me and then I will come back to the next meeting with myself.

Tantric Massages were made in times and societies, where sexuality was a part of the life devoted to Gods. It was respected, treated naturally and with great respect to the body.  It was the Golden Lotus, the deepest prayer, through which a man could achieve mystical states of ennoblement, obtain transcendence and unite with the whole existence.
Sacred Tantra Massage (basically a group of sexual energy massages) is honoring the whole body, the soul and senses and the ancient temple practice, which leads to finding and experience our divine perfection. It is a harmonious and full uniting of spirituality with intimacy, the body with consciousness and divinity with physicality. It is perfect harmonizing of the soul and the heart in full of the unity, of the presence, feeling and experiencing. Tantric Massage is opening ourselves in a deep connection with our own body, mind, soul and sexuality. It’s the gateway to fully experience the fulfillment and dissolution in the sensual, joyful bliss.

Tantric massage and erotic massage

There are many myths aroused around Tantric massages. In our modern world, “Tantric massage” is defined in majority as erotic massage with a “happy end” –  meaning discharge of sexual excitement. There is a big misunderstanding and lack of clarity  resulting in frequent situations when searching for the real tantric massage, we often find people providing totally different services. So what is  the difference between erotic and Tantric massage?

Erotic massage is somehow a foreplay, it’s role is to excite, to prepare for a deeper sensuality and sexual fulfillment. It works with only one energy in the body – the male Yang energy, which is to keep the body in a growing readiness and tension till the culmination and momentary discharge, which is ejecting of all our power, energy potential, vitality and strength.

The opposite of this are the massages in the spa – focused on the denial of Yang energy in the body, working with selected areas of the body, and only with the Yin energy – the feminine, relaxing. Giving a strong impulse to the subconscious that we have “clean” and “unclean” areas, respectful touch and prohibited touch. It is done  by covering intimate parts of the body, dividing the body into places deserving a massage and those which are deprived of touch, by denying the body as a sacred unity.

Tantric massage is a meeting and a connection of Yin and Yang, the dance of these two energies in the body – the female, deeply relaxing and blissful Yin and masculine, expansive and arousing Yang. Properly made Tantric massage is a full balance of these forces in our entire body, alternately waving and waking up one or the other energy so that both cover the whole body, merge into a divine unity and completely unite in the heart. And this is to give the deep bliss, a sense of fullness, completeness and inner fulfillment . And although both poles of our sexuality are being massaged, it is not erotic massage. It does not serve for commonly known sexual discharge or to satisfy the sexual needs of the individual. It serves the intentional and conscious directing sexual energy inwards, to the heart and to our whole body. To satisfy with fullness and to show the sensuality in a new and profound way.

Tantra masaż

Key benefits of tantric massage:

It releases tensions and stresses, eliminates internal blockades in the body and consciousness, deeply relaxes and loosens the body, opens and raises energy, triggers the internal strength and power, release from the shame and guilt of the sexuality and intimacy, opens the joy and vitality, improves the sensitivity, strengthens self-esteem and beauty, rejuvenates the body, opens sensuality and sensitivity, strengthens the feeling of pleasure in the intimate life, heals the emotionalism, heals sexuality, teaches to love yourself, reinforces a sense of integration with the surrounding world, reinforces the sense of integration with the inner self, assists healing the relationships with family and friends, helps with decision making, heals negative experiences, heals depression and fears, relieves from learned schemes and negative patterns, opens to a life of love.

The Ritual:

The Sacred Massage Ceremonies are a ancient temple practices. The roots of theese are a deep reverence to our  feminine, masculine and divine essence.  In traditional tantra calls as the prayer or  deep meditation and full acceptance to open an unconditional, holistic and spiritual love. Everyone practices for yourselve – to meet yourselve, feel,  receive in deep  personal truth. Without expectations, requirements, inner blocks and daily – wearing masks. Release tensions, fears and beliefs about  shame of sins, body, and impurity of sexual part of life. Everyone comes here to reunite to yourself and initiate to Goddess and God. 
The ritual of massage is done on a broad, comfortable mattress in order to provide comfort and relaxation for both the person being massaged, as well as giving a massage. This deep sensuality is preceded by energetic cleansing, harmonization of chakras, learning of deep relaxation, of tantric breathing and opening the energy connections in the body in order to strengthen the feeling, energy-ness, sensitivity, sensuality, love and how to fully accept gifts of the massage. After the body is being rubbed with warm, natural oil with aromatic essences and massaged according to the course of energy connections and movement of energy in the body. So it is not traditionally understood relaxing massage, but a technique for transferring energy in the body, transporting and distributing it to the whole body in harmony and the total balance. Such massage dissolves all blockades, opens the heart, very deeply quiets down, and  gives the feeling of  unusual, deep pleasure.
And although the whole body is massaged, it is not erotic massage in the traditional sense. It doesn’t serve satisfying individual needs but redirecting the sexual energy to the heart and our whole body to power the organism and show the sensuality in a new and unusual way. Tantric Massage Ceremony is the awakening and the elevation of our sexual life energy, distributing it throughout the whole body and pampering the soul at a very deep level of feeling, experiencing and fulfillment.

During the Tantric Massage should be touched whole mans and womens body – face, breasts, buttocks, crotch and womb to never cut off in emotional level any part of the body. To give the whole body respect, attention, tenderness, and strong information to be an a Temple – beauty, important, honouring and completly free from shame, dirt or guilt.     

The traditional session includes an oil massage of the whole body, with special honoring of intimate places. For many women and men it is a remarkable and moving experience, when someone tenderly and with love, touch their yoni ( vagina ) and the lingam ( penis ) without the traditionally conceived, sexual intentions.

How a given society treat femininity and masculinity, or in a wider meaning men and women, it manifested and now also manifests itself in the fact , in what way they talked in it about male and female intimate organs. In ancient India where sexuality was worshipped and respected as our deepest essence, pride, joy and full human potential, intimate parts of the body were determined solemnly, poetically and nice, without the vulgarity and subjectivity characteristic of our modern times Here are a few popular expressions they described the Vagina and the Phallus:

Lingam (phallus) – Scepter of  Light, Pillar of Light, Wand of Light, Axis of Creation, the Only, Unchanging, Scepter of Power, Eternal, Lasting, Uncreated, Soul of the Man, Messenger of Gods, The Ray of the Sun.

Yoni (Vagina) – Temple of Creation, Gate of Love, Garden of  Delight, Womb of the Universe, Gate of the Birth, Holiness, Power, Mystery, Soul of the Women, Golden Lotus, Sun Gate, Pearl, Morning Star, Gate of Light.
During tantric meetings nothing and never anything happens by force, sessions are conducted in an atmosphere of peace, trust and full respect for their own needs and personal boundaries . There is for nobody no compulsion to accept full intimate massage on the first, or another meeting. Everyone alone and at their own pace decide, when and to what extent want to open.

Sacred Massages of  Intimate Places

The deep, intentional purity is particularly important in Tantric massage of intimate places. Tantric touch is a prayer and spiritual practice, which has a deep respect for the whole body at it’s base. In Tantra the body is sacred, the sexuality is sacred and the intimate parts are sacred – it means that at any time during the ceremony, your boundaries and trust  will not be violated, nothing will happen without your permission . At any time during the ceremony you will be in accordance with your sensitivity, openness and a sense of security. During my ceremony  nothing happens by force – at any time during the massage You decide how much you want to open, and when you want to receive intimate massage – at the first, or at any subsequent meetings.
Sacred Touch is no erotic, intimate massage, meaning it does not contain sexual overtones, it expects nothing and it does not force to anything – even to experiencing the pleasure. It is the touch of tender love, deep healing on many levels, whose only intention is full acceptance of massaged person, giving a calm, deep security and celebrating what is divine in us.

Tantric, Temple Massage of Yoni 

For every woman The Massage of Yoni is full of spiritual tenderness contact with her feminine, body and intimacy. This unusual meeting allows the feeling that Yoni is the temple of our body, our soul and the “second heart”. And not the organ for using or social valuing women. It is the meeting of her femininity in full acceptance and praise of their own beauty and body. The deep and sensitive finding the way to inner beloved home.
Yoni massage is an ancient, specialist, internal and external massage of vagina which deeply opens, awakens, stimulates and invigorates the entire intimate area of the female body, acting on the physical, emotional and energetic level.

How the massage of Yoni looks like ?

It depends on the place you are in your life, what you feel internally ready for and with what intention you are coming. It can be leading you into the world of your Yoni, showing how to massage Yoni, arouse and stimulate it with tenderness and love. Or accepting herself in the sacred touch and the way no one has touched your most sacred places of the body never before in your life. Sometimes it’s touching, stroking, and holding your hand on your pubic mound in great peace, hug and embrace. Sometimes it is invigorating and highly sensitive massage of Rose petals , Pearl and the entrance to Yoni. Sometimes it’s full of warmth and understanding the healing inner massage. Sometimes it’s deep, nourishing and working with the energy massage of G area – the source of the Women’s Secret. Sometimes it’s  full opening of even energy flow  and balancing of energy Yin and Yang in the yoni, conducting energy up the body. Sometimes it’s very energetic massage of waking-up sexual energy and experiencing sexual energy in the whole body, directing it in the body, receiving it into heart and fully saturating  the totality and women’s fulfillment.

Tantric Temple Massage of Lingam

“The difference between a hand job and sacred Lingam Massage is the difference between banging on a piano and playing Mozart”J. Kramer

For every man the Lingam Massage is a very intimate and deep experience. It allows for all the things, for which men have not the public acceptance in our culture: a full meeting with themselves in a deep acceptance, sensing himself as a man fully received, having the possibility of being presented with. Having the sense of only receiving, without giving back the activity or being in constant readiness . For men it’s a space of deep inner peace and a huge relief when they finally nothing must do,when they can fully contact with their bodies and focus on themselves and their own sensations. Unknown to men power hides in this approach to masculinity, that allows the male spirit to rest, to feel his sexuality respected and celebrated with. In such a space a man can experience unconditional tenderness and deeply and fully satisfy himself with his sexual energy and inner, spiritual power.

And how Lingam Massage? 

Contrary to popular opinions, it is not a “hand job” or erotic manual ending. The Lingam Massage is an ancient, specialized massage of testicles, perineum and phallus – which deeply opens, awakens, stimulates and invigorates the entire intimate area of the man, acting on the physical, emotional and energetic levels. Technically massage consists of several parts: – kneading, grinding, massaging and reviving the whole lingam, gently massaging in many ways, strengthening sensitive sensibility, activating energy points of intimate places, full opening  for the even flow of energy and balancing the energy of Yin and Yang in lingam.
Also controlled stimulating the full circulation of sexual energy, directing the energy up in the body, controlling ejaculation and semen flow in order to maintain the vitality and masculine power in the body, experiencing  “the valley orgasm”, orgasm throughout the whole body and energy sexuality.

The most complete experience of internal depth and transformation is achieved when the massaged person entirely gives up into my hands and fully opens for accepting and receiving.  I also encourage you to take advantage of several sessions of massage on a regular basis – preferably every two weeks, or once a month, because every subsequent massage goes deeper into the energy and the heart and opens consecutive levels of the soul and regularity of practice reinforces the feelings and strengthens the effects.


I ask for understanding, that tantric meetings are not erotic dating, erotic services or escort services. I’m not a sexual partner and I’m not fulfilling erotic fantasies or desires of customers. I ask very much for considering it before you book the tantric meeting.

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