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With great pleasure I invite all person working with people in psycho / sexual / emotional areas for training in professional, Tantric Psychoactive Kundalini Bodyworking.

These individual classes are directed to teachers and Tantra practitioners, people running Tantra classes/workshops or  workshops with psycho somatic body work, tantric masseurs, sexual bodyworkers, sex coaches, body coaches and all those who feel that working with people is their love, passion, calling and what they still want to learn more and deeper.

szkolenia dla profesjonalistów


– experienced in working with human sexuality
– experienced in working with people through the body
– who have received Polish / foreign trainings in Western Tantra and wish to broaden their knowledge of PSYCHOACTIVE KUNDALINI BODYWORKING.
– who have completed Western / Tibetan workshops / courses and wish to verify their knowledge in terms of real tantric practice and correct practices
– who wish to move from the group learning level to the individual training level
– who do not want to adjust their learning level to the group’s capabilities
– who want to train individually at a very high level
– who want to broaden their teaching knowledge to better lead people
– who wish to verify their methods, their knowledge and be supervised as teachers
– who want to learn psycho – emotional body work at a teaching level
– who want to verify the errors that are commonly repeated in group training courses
– who wish to broaden their knowledge of working with people as a profession
– who wish to introduce tantric practices into their personal and professional development


– Oil Tantric Massages
– The Senses and the Body Consciousness
– Kashmiri and Intuitive Massages
– Kundalini and Anus
– Tantric – Non-Erotic Massages of Intimate Spots
– Correct work with energy – compatibility with the nervous system, body energy and brain neurobiology

– Professional work with sexuality through the body
– Professional work with experiences / emotions through the body
– Mapping – Intimate Acupressure – psychotherapy through the body
– Professional work with the heart as a tool for psycho-emotional liberation

– Body Work As Occupation – Professional Work  with the Client- security and borders in the physical / mental / emotional area, for the Client, for the Therapist
– Professional running of individual ceremonies – stable physical and mental space, for the Client, for the Leader
– Professional group workshop management
– Equivalence and role of the trainer in individual and group sessions
– Freeing Yourself from the desire to help
– Freeing the Client from expectations and intentions

– Kauli Tantra vs Neo – Western tantra – knowledge vs flow
– Developmental, spiritual and mystical Tantra – the power of presence, contemplation and meditation
– Erotic energy vs sexual energy – western fascination with sex vs eastern fascination with inner power


– direct and open cooperation
– orientation on quick finding your areas to learn / work out / catch up
– a deep insight into the quality of your, up to date work 
– target training of the areas you need most
– individually prepared program, tailored to your needs
– the traditional eastern approach to practice and running classes
– individual and close relationship between pupil and teacher
– full and complete attention focused on your training
– deep, personal development
– enormous knowledge and experience


Each of the Modules includes 5 days of classes.
The themes, date and form of classes is set individually, after prior contact with me and an initial interview.
The training is dedicated to individuals. The classes take place in trust, intimacy and safe space of the Temple.
The training is open to people of all sexual orientations.
Nudity IS PRESENT during the classes.

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