Sacred Shadow


“Every one of us casts a shadow”
“Sexuality is beautiful, pure and sacred”

The ancient Tantra teach that there are 3 main paths to achieving sacredness, enlightenment, and full inner liberation. They are:
– spiritual practices / kundalini / meditation / prayer
– conscious sensuality / conscious sexuality
– full integration of shadow – our unconscious / hidden psycho-emotional-sexual desires.
The Black Tantra teaches that these three paths must be combined so that the inner transformation would be complete and would give mystic, deep bliss and true inner freedom.

The practices that we now call Dark Eros, Shadow Tantra, Tantric BDSM and Kink,  are found throughout the centuries-old tradition of Black Tantra and in all the cultures that existed and exist on earth. In all tribal, spiritual and shamanic traditions, throughout the ancient world as well as in contemporary Christian Western cultures. They were glorified as the strongest practices with full contact with the body and the gate to self-consciousness. As the essence of ecstatic, transforming rituals, releasing deep, internal blockades. As the path of sacred sexual practices and rituals which integrate the inner, psycho-sexual shade.


The commonly opinion of Tantra and tantric sexuality says that sexuality must be warm, sensitive, conscious, preferably in the position of YabYum, in full presence and loving,  in order to lead to self-knowledge, enlightenment and fulfillment. And all this is true, but not entirely true.

If sex has to become your deepest prayer, spiritual and mystical practice, to give you transformation, enlightenment, liberation, and consciousness,  first it must be true. This kind of sex which you really want. The one you desire the most in the world! In harmony with yourself, with the knowing of needs and desires, in openness to your deepest fantasies and to wild, individual expression. It must be your own. It must delight you. Only then it will become love, meditation and a beautiful, spiritual ritual. Think for a moment, what you want to try, what you desire the most . In what practices do you want to develop your spirituality? Is it actually supposed to be the path commonly understood as Tantra? Or maybe not only that? Maybe you want something completely different? In a completely different scenery? In a completely different way? Maybe you want to take a whip, or feel it on your body? Perhaps you want  fulfillment  in loosing control, “enslavement”, in bonds and in such emotions? Do you dream about personating sexual roles, plays, scenes and of identity changes? Or about costume playing and non-standard sexual identification? Or maybe about power exchanging and taking over sexual control? Whatever you dream of – it may be your own tantric sexuality, if only so you think about it. Consciously, with understanding, respect, and with spiritual / development intention.
The Black Tantra worships all forms of human sexuality, if they are practiced by mutual consent. It meets these beautiful desires and creates a safe space for this path of development.


– deepens ecstatic and conscious contact with the body,
– deepens spirituality and full self-consciousness
– develops the understanding of sexual energy as a complete creative power for all aspects of self,
– releases tensions, stresses and eliminates internal blockages in the body and mind,
– teaches you to love and fully accept yourself,
– frees you from shame and fear of your own sexuality,
– helps you to learn your true fantasies, desires and sexual needs,
– helps you to fully reconcile with your fantasies, desires and sexual needs,
– helps to create a warm and agreeable relationship with your sexual nature,
– allows you to bring space of acceptance and tranquility into your desires and in your sexual expression,
– teaches to accept the body as what I am, not what I have,
– allows you to define your full sexual orientation,
– lets you know your fully oriented sexual drive,
– frees from universally accepted beliefs about sex, sexuality, body,
– helps to get rid of often harming concepts of fairness / normality / abnormality of desires and sexual behaviors,
– allows you to change your personal assessment of principles and ethical / moral norms regarding appropriate / inappropriate expressing and experiencing of your sexual needs and desires,
– it helps to create a state of full consent for personal sexual desires, even if they go beyond accepted “norms”
– helps to create and adopt a personal “code” for expressing one’s own sexuality and social functioning within one’s own sexual needs,
– opens for life in love

święty cień


Shadow Sexuality is an entire sexual taboo present in your social and cultural life. It’s everything that’s secretly attracting you. Your desires and fantasies about which you dream for ages, and to which you are often ashamed to admit to yourself. Those to which you are afraid to say YES! Even when no one sees it. It’s about all of the sexual identities which are not proper to dream about. It’s all sexual roles, plays with social status and desires which you want to try and experience in a safe, creative, deep and developmental way.
Black Tantra teaches that all these fantasies and desires are beautiful, good, clean and human. Normal. Natural. We all have them to some extent. And instead of crowding or blaming them, It’s worth openly learn, familiarize and integrate them, instead of denying or blaming them with shame.  It’s worth looking for self-consciousness, fulfillment, self-consent and deep spiritual power in them.

What can we work with?

– Kink as ancient tantric practices
– Kink – an integral part of ancient and shamanic, initiation cultures
– Kink as a daily activity of many people in the world – interpersonal, natural, ordinary, popular and joyful
– Kink, that is non-normative sexuality, not procreative, directed to the development and deepening of self-consciousness
– Kink and BDSM Sexual Act

Compliance and self-consciousness:

– experiencing personal sexuality as pure and sacred
– deepening of internal and conscious consent for one’s own sexuality
– broadening your sexual awareness,
– getting to know and accepting your sexual identity
– accepting yourself in non-normative sexuality, not procreational sexuality
– learning sexuality of emotions and psyche – sexuality beyond genitals
– getting to know your own fantasies and deep sexual desires
– crossing and dissolving internal barriers and shame about sexuality
– dissolving the feeling of guilt for one’s own sexuality
– building / recovering your self-esteem based on your sexuality
– drawing strength and fullness from one’s own sexual identity

Role Play / Age Play / Gender Play / Fetish

– impersonating the sexual identities, impersonating the sexual roles
– Role Play – sexual becoming – not a sexual theatre
– sexual becoming as a deep inner practice / path to growth
– playing with age and social status
– impersonating opposite gender roles
– getting to know your inner femininity and masculinity
– disguise into the opposite sex
– fetish games of selected parts of the body / costumes / places desired for sexual development

Power Exchange:

– learning and understanding the dynamics of domination/submissiveness relationship
– taking care of yourself and each other in the sexual power relationship
– serving and fulfilling desires
– issuing orders and taking over control
– safe rewarding and punishing
– binding and enslavement
– secure submitting of the control
– respect for mutual borders
– open communication and safe word

Conscious Sadism and Masochism:

– sadism and emotional masochism /psychic/ phisical towards yourself or others
– emotional, psychic  and phisical suffering as life and driving force
– consciously oriented sadism / masochism as development and supporting power
– unknowingly directed sadism / masochism as chaotic and destructive power
– receiving and offering pain as spiritual and developmental practices of ancient temple
– mysticality / transformation of accepting and measuring pain
– conscious energy management in offering and receiving pain
– SSC principle (sane, safe, consensual) – safely, consciously and with consent
– RACK principle (risk aware consensual kink) – responsible risk awareness
Edge Play as Spiritual Initiation:
– elimination of the senses – covering the eyes / limiting speech and hearing
– sensory deprivation
– breath control/playing ith breath
– safe “smothering” – directing sexual energy in the body and triggering endorphins
– blood fetish as a spiritual experience, sacrifice and / or initiation – playing with needles – Needle Play
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