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Intimate Communication by Touch


Without the real YES you won't say the real NO.
Your body never lies.
Body will lead You into good intimacy for You.
Conscious pleasure is the gateway to heaven.

Intimate Communication through Touch is one of the fastest tantric paths to deepen a loving relationship and strengthen an intimate relationship. Through the practices which I will teach you, you will learn to take care of each other's concern, intimacy, love, bodily delight and loving understanding. You will learn about your bodies, your preferences, your needs and feelings again. What really animates you, delights you and what is true and important in your intimate needs.
In the workshop you will learn about Yourself, Your bodies and deep trust in your needs. Openness and conscious consent to ask and refuse without feeling hurt and guilt. In harmony with yourself and with the awareness of your desires, you will deepen your sincere openness to the touch that you really want and to unlimited individual expression.


- tantric practices of love communication through the body
- how to communicate through body and touch
- what gives you pleasure
- what you really like
- what touch you like
- what annoys you
- what animates you and excites you.
- how to look for body pleasantries

- how to effectively ask for touch
- how to ask for more, for less, for a different way
- consciously invite to be intimate
-how to talk about needs without guilt or shame

- how to talk when you don't want to
- how to set your own boundaries
- how to refuse without feeling wrong and guilty
- how not to take refusal for yourself
- how to receive refusal without feeling hurt or rejected

- how to build a sense of deep consensus
- how to take care of yourself in intimacy
- how to listen to each other
- how to care in your vulnerability
- how to create agreements based on gratitude and trust


The program will be developed individually for You, in consultation with your readiness and openness. It will be tailored to your abilities and internal needs. Together, on the first day, we will agree on an indicative range of topics / exercises and practices.

The classes take place in trust, intimacy and in safe space of the Temple - without other couples, without third parties.

The workshop is open to couples who are in a close intimate relationship and to couples of all sexual orientations.

During the workshop, nudity, closeness and intimacy IS PRESENT.

The workshop is dedicated to beginner and advanced couples in tantric practices.

The workshop includes 3 days of classes, the first day from 18.00 to 21.00, the next 2 days from 10.00 to 18.00, with breaks for lunch.
The date of the workshop is set individually.

Price: 3200PLN