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Ceremonies of Love

Temple Ceremonies of Love 

Kuba:  Tantra teacher by vocation, education and by the heart. Good luck!

I invite warmly the couples for the exceptional meetings - Temple Ceremonies of Love. Tantra for Couples I dedicate to couples in love. Those couples whose relationship flourish and those who feel that they can build a deeper intimate communication. Those couples who wish to experience that in closeness, affection and love connection, they can meet each other on a deeper level and more fully give to themselves. During the Rituals of Love you will learn how to open at each other and find a deep sense of spiritual sexuality. How to deepen love, sensitivity, worship each other and adore each other. You will discover the secrets of connecting the hearts and souls, of tantric experience of the sexuality, of intimate life enrichment and of  building deep, loving relationships based on conscious sexual love. In a beautiful space of the Temple, in safety and mindfulness, you will learn the secrets of tantric touch, Temple Massage, Spiritual Sexuality and Sexual Healing Practices.

Meetings are held in trust and intimacy. Without other couples, without third parties.
The practices are open to Couples who are in close intimate relationships and couples of all sexual orientations.
IMPORTANT !!!! Tantric ceremonies are not therapy of relationship or partnership agreement.
During the workshop nudity, closeness and intimacy are present.
The workshop timing is fixed individually.