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School for Professionals


With great joy I welcome you to the sole in Poland, professional Tantric Massage School, and it’s 2 years Certified Course of Tantric Massage for Professionals.
The training is aimed at teachers and practitioners of Tantra, people running classes / tantric workshops / body work /personal  development, tantric masseurs, sexual body workers, sex coaches, body coaches and all those who feel that Tantra and work with the body is their love, passion and what they  still want to explore deeper and fuller. 
The course consists of 6 modules, all of which provide a solid basis for professional and fully conscious execution of Tantric Massage Ceremony. It includes holistic oil massages, awakening the senses massages, Kashmiri massage, female and male intimate area’ massages, kundalini and anal areas massages  and module introducing in Tantric massage as a profession.

After completing all modules and confirming the skills, you can get a Certificate of Completion and the title of Tantric Massage Therapist.

What do you learn / receive in training?

- Tantric massages coming from many international, spiritual traditions
- Skilful and proper combining the massages
- Giving and receiving massages, conscious presence in both roles
- Creating an atmosphere of holiness, purity and safety 
- Understanding the spiritual and esoteric dimension of Tantric massages
- Understanding of Spiritual essence of Tantra
- Sacred Touch and purity of intention
- Ritual Massage as a place of mutual respect
- Honoring fullness in every woman and men  
- Tantric practices introducing you into a state of silence, concentration and presence
- Tantric rituals to help you properly conduct Ceremonies
- Rules of professional work with clients and conducting the Ceremony 
- Deep, tantric personal growth 
- Open and trustful relation with a taecher
- Personal training according to your needs
- Full attention of a teacher according to your training and your skills


Tantric Temple Massage Garden of Love - It is my authors massage ( Unusual combination of deep balance, plume and arouse the sexual energy. Open a deep relaxation, deep bliss, excitement, happiness and feelings of loving) 

Tantric Holistic and Healing Massage ( traditional tantric massage, very deeply wakes up emotions, deep heals and opens to the close presence. Distributes and harmonizes the sexual energy throughout the whole body. It strengthens the sense of communication and integration with the surrounding world) 

Egyptian Temple Ritual of Rubbing the Body ( massage of rubbing the body with oil and essentials different  to each part of the body to deeply honoring the whole body. In egyptian spirituality was an introducing to sexual energy massages and sexual temple practices. Deeply ground into the body and gives a feeling of safe, care and integrity)

Tantric  Chakra Balancing (Deeply relaxing, calming and healing massage of female and male chakras as well as intimate healing massage for men and women. It dissolves and unlocks the sexual inhibitions, heals injurings, restores contact with the body, strengthens and deepens the acceptance and respect due to the whole body, and in particular intimate places of our body) 


Tantric Sensual Massage (Deep energetic and cleansing massage of body, senses, aura and subtle body. Comes from many spiritual and healing traditions: egyptian, indian, russian, mexican, shamanic... It opens body and senses to new forms of touch, diversity of feeling and experiencing, teaching to become receiving and accepting. Massage with use of aphrodisiacs, feathers, silk scarves, pearls, fur gloves, rose petals, brushes, combs ... ) 

Tantric Energy Massage of the V Elements (Intuitive and deeply healing and meditative shawl massage. It assists processes of rooting into the body, it unites in itself the touch of the Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Energy, it teaches the body the openness and the presence in living and feeling) 

Tantric Energy Non-Contact Massage ( massage of aura subtle body and bioenergy, performed with hands above the body, only with energy, it harmonizes the energy flow in the body, levels and restores the proper energy intensity) 



Tantric Kashmiri Massage (extremely sensual and intimate, it is a profound celebration and honoring the female and male perfection. Executed in non-standard positions and physical closeness, it opens the confidence, receiving, acceptance, implicity, openness and innocence. For lovers opens the deep trust and entrust to each other ) 

Tantric Massage Tandava ( deep meditational, one of a few intuitive massages, comes from Hindu traditions. Deeply relaxing the body, cleansing emotions and opening soul. Deeply connect to energy, attune and compassion of receiver)


Tantric Temple Massage Touch of the Goddess - it is my author's massage (unusual combination of sensuality, energy, passion and conscious touch full of tenderness and consolation. Massage arouses the sexual energy, reaches to the depths of the soul, brings joy and opens our full potential and power. Gently and strong transport energy up to the body. Very energetic and deeply worked with the breathinh of receiver. It is the ceremony of experiencing corporeality and sensuality with full spiritual perspective)

Tantric Kundalini Massage - outer and inner (It opens and warms Kundalini energy, life and sexual power concentrated at the base of the spine and it distributes it up the body. Massage of energy points of Sacrum area) 

Tantric Anal Massage Black Diamond ( Healing, sensual and extremaly relaxing. For man: massage of buttocks, crotch, rosette, anus and prostate gland. For women: massage of buttocks, crotch, rosette, anus and Gspot from the anus. Massage grounds in a cecurity and safe in life, deep rooted in the life area, material security, life courage and life force)

Intimate Acupressure - Anal Mapping ( Gentle and tender pressure and massage  of selected inner and outer parts of Anus - releasing and unblocking an emotional and mental harms grounded in the intimate area - birth traumas, labor traumas, chldhood emotional / mental / physical violence, closeness to sexuality, closeness to relations...) 


Tantric Sacred Massage of Yoni (temple massage of external and internal area of women's intimate places: groins, perineum, vagina, the Sacred Yoni Points, area and G spot)

Tantric Sacred Massage of Lingam (temple massage of external area of men's intimate places: groins, perineum, testicles, fallus )

Tantric Clock Massage - ( ancient, temple massage of healing outer part of the Lingam and inner part of the Yoni, unblocking the tensions grounded in intimate area) 

Yoni Mapping - Intimate Acupressure (Gentle and tender pressure and massage  of selected inner and outer parts of Yoni, releasing and unblocking the tensions, harms, traumas, fears and emotional and mental stumbling blocks grounded in the Intimate area) 


- Preparing yourself and the Client to give and receive
- Learning the proper management of energy field ceremony
- Learning proper use and directing of own energy by a masseur
- Elimination of the stress before coming of the customer
- Elimination of customer’s stress
- Building mutual trust
- What the client should know before the massage 

- Principles of working with clients
- Discussion on potential situations
- Typology of customers
- The most common intentions to come for a massage
- Building comfort and security for yourself / your work
- Determining the course of the session and its borders
- Creating and communicating clear rules
- Mental and physical principles of the boundaries between the masseur and the customer
- Effective and warm  refusal - to maintain the space in which the client is fully receptive

- Differences in massages for men and women
- Female and male expectations against touch and massage
- Massages for pregnant women
- Massages for older people
- Massages for the sick and after amputation.

- Typology of tantric massage
- Goals of tantric massage
- When the massage ceases to be a tantric massage
- Characteristics of tantric, erotic and SPA massages
- Therapeutic importance of tantric rituals
- Health at work/ Health
- Understanding and elimination of basic errors commonly made by masseurs and done during the courses and workshops i.e. fatigue and loss of energy after the massage, lack of concentration, ill-defined intentions, lack of  absence, massage as the exchange of energy, breaking   the principle of giving and receiving, lack of separation of sexual and erotic energy 

Who is this course for?

- For practicing Tantra as a path of spiritual development
- For those who want to enter Tantric practice in the area of personal and professional development
- For those working with their own sexual energy as a way of spiritual development
- For those who comprehend the Tantric massage as a spiritual practice and not another manual massage
- For those who comprehend the Tantric massage as a meditation / prayer, and not the erotic practice
- Wishing to deepen the understanding of the spiritual and esoteric dimension of tantric massage
- Knowing how to separate sexual and erotic energy  
- Working with sexual energy and the Kundalini as a gateway for awareness
- With integrated femininity and masculinity
- With worked out  their own sexuality
- Integrating their own shadow
- Developing internally, working out themselves emotionally
- Experienced in working with human sexuality
- Experienced in working with the body
- Emotionally mature
- Spiritually mature
- Comprehend meditation as a state and no activity
- Staying in a constant state of meditation and inner silence



Complete training takes 2 years.  Each of module includes 6 days of workshop, first day between 18.00 - 21.00, second days between 10.00 - 19.00.
The workshop is individual - with trust, confidence and intimacy.
The practices are open to people of all sexual orientations. 
During theese practices NUDITY, CLOSENESS and INTIMACY is present.

Price for 1 - 5 module for one person: PLN 5,000 for each module
Price for 6 module for one person: PLN 2,000