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SEXUAL ENERGY: Everyone in the world is a living, vibrating and pulsating sexual energy. We were born thanks to her and we exist thanks to her power. We are a sexuality in every moment of life and it is worth to realize and feel it. In every moment, in every breath and in the whole body we are filled up with sex, as the entire life on earth. It is a power which nourishes us, heals, revives and supports all of our activities on the physical, mental and spiritual level. It is our essence, the greatest power in us and individual full potential of which we should take care to know him and develop.

In the tantric understanding of a sexual energy, it’s not only a traditionally comprehended excitement, desire, erotic and procreative actions, or fast and shy relieving of tensions, but it’s also the energy which supports and enhances our feeling and experiencing in every part of life. We are sexually open and alive whenever we experience inspiration, in everyday sensuality, in finding joy and constant aspiration to deepen these experiences. The thrill of pleasure, bliss, ecstasy and beauty of these moments is the power of life.This is the sexual energy through which we experience life on the full sensory level, we deepen these experiences and consciously cultivate them. It is also the energy that we can consciously wake up, raise through the whole body and transform into the spiritual energy which supports every sphere of our life and us in general.
We work on healing sessions with this way understood, sexual energy. We awake this energy, we distribute it throughout the whole body and we support with it all the processes and emotions, with which we work.

uzdrawianie seksualności


In tantric practice we say that you will heal yourself when you stop fighting against yourself. When you stop needing to fight and disagree with yourself.

Usually when you say you want to become a better version of Yourself, or heal some areas within yourself, you mean those parts of Yourself that you don’t agree with. Those parts which you fear and run away from. Those you don’t want, even though they have been a part of you since the beginning of your life. That is to say, those which are difficult, cause fear and don’t fit your desired and developed image. In this sense “healing” means getting rid of a part of you. Throwing away, pushing out of you what is part of you, in the name of “development” and” working on yourself “.

In order to become a better version of yourself, you first need to stop fighting with yourself, and then accept the version of yourself that is. As you are today. What you are like all your life, in every area and in every aspect. With all your potential, talents, limitations, achievements and failures. With all your efficiency and helplessness. With everything you think and feel. With all the experience you have in your life from day one.

If you really want to be healed, you need to accept everything of your own as your own, because you can only heal and develop in yourself what you fully accept as your own. As Yourself. In internal consent you can only work with what you consider to be an important, necessary and valuable part of yourself. And in tantric understanding, everything that is a part of you is important, necessary and divine. It is Your total most important, personal treasure.


in all its difficult areas. It consists of several elements:

– Getting to know your difficult areas
– Accepting Your difficult areas
– Conscious learning  of their resources, potential and limitations
– Learning how to do good things by them for yourself and others
– Developing them into Potential of Personal Power

We can work with Self-healing on many levels: emotional, psychological, sexual, relational, financial, professional, as well as in the areas of abuse and sexual violence.


Free flowing sexual energy is the peak experience of inner power, whole-body energy, fullness of life and the deepest inner and personal experience you can experience. It is an essential condition for your full development, sense of completeness and inner freedom. Consciously directed, it strengthens nerve connections throughout your body, strengthens energy connections between the two hemispheres of the brain and strengthens your entire energy system. Through sexual energy, you develop in your mother’s womb, get to know the world as a child and enter into adolescence. Thanks to this power, you think, feel, make decisions, learn, create, listen, develop intelligence and unrestrained imagination. Thanks to this power, you touch, talk, see, feel the energy in your body, and learn about your sexual drive. When you are fully compatible and in tune with your sexuality, you love and experience mysticism. If this energy has been blocked in your childhood or early youth, you have been deprived of the creative power you need.

The blocked sexual energy results in, among other things:

– ignorance of yourself
– the inability to speak about yourself
– lack of confidence and self-expression
– closure to creativity and creativity
– closure to achievements and challenges
– closure to your own needs and desires
–  supersede of personal achievements
–  blockade on free speaking about your experiences and achievements
– blocking the acceptance of oneself in one’s own achievements, passions and specializations
– hiding skills and talents “under the carpet”
– the continuing need for external self-esteem validation

– claming up in a sense of guilt and shame about how you are
– blocking internal compliance and full compliance on yourself
– stopping in with a sense of shame, humiliation and breakdown, often in disgust with yourself and your body
– blocking deep contact with yourself
– stopping in with childish horror in contact with emotions and feelings as something forbidden – because it’s personal
– superseding of emotional and mental rape which was blocking sexual energy, In Rother words  accessing to one’s deepest self

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